Let Us Give Thanks

2nd Annual Spartan Staff Potato Topper

It is such a special time that we will have Extended Lunch...

You are cordially invited to this Staff Thanksgiving lunch. Your A-Team will provide the baked potatoes, cheese, chili, tea, and lemonade. Bring your appetite and a baked potato topping to share. DiAnne Cabe will E-mail all staff the sign-up list. If you will be attending the iPad Training here, no worries! The facilitator will break when we break for lunch at 11:49 so you can join us! There is so much to be thankful for...

CVHS Thanksgiving Baked Potato Bar

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 11:45am

820 4th Ave

Chula Vista, CA

Mrs. Bristol will transform our Learning Lab into our Dining Room. You are welcome to invite your new (or old) friends from the iPad training conducted here on November 20 to join us! There will be more than enough, I am sure. Plan to sit with your friends! Coordinate your toppings! Bring your specialty topping! Sign up for old favorites like chives and sour cream or wow your peers with something creative! Bring dessert if you must! But most importantly, let us enjoy each other's company before we go on a week-long break to celebrate with our family and friends.