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February 22. 2016

Dr. Adam Blaisdell, Principal

Mrs. Jill Dore-Cotreau, Assistant Principal


From the Principal…

Principal’s Coffee

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web Family Night

STARS Assembly Video

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From the Principal....

During the past several months, we have had the opportunity to really see your children grow both academically and socially. Students are really working to be kind to others and help each other succeed. We know that there is an occasional blip, but overall it is positive. Students have shown progress in reading as evidenced by their advancement in their benchmark scores. Students are reading more difficult books and discussing books more in depth, not just providing a summary. We are excited by their progress and look forward to celebrating more! If you are wondering what level book your child should be reading, ask your child's teacher.

On Monday of February break, South Elementary School experienced freezing temperatures in our gym. As a result, several sprinklers activated and released a significant amount of water that spread to the lobby, nurse's office and main office. The fire department shut off the sprinkler system quickly and the system was repaired the next morning. Our school custodial staff and Service Master responded in under an hour of the break and quickly cleaned up the water. Over the next few weeks, there will be additional repairs made as a result of the water damage. There were no classrooms or additional areas affected. We cannot thank our fire department and custodial staff enough for their quick actions to prevent additional damage.

Currently, our school is involved in the reading of Charlotte's Web. I am in the process of reading this book with my family as well. We have had some great discussions and we are eager to see what is coming next. I hope that you have had the opportunity to read Charlotte's Web with your family too.

We are asking for your input about South Elementary School. We want to know what you think is going well, not going well, and possible goals for South Elementary over the next three to five years. We will look to seek your input in person, over the phone or via an online form. Please click anywhere in this paragraph to provide us your feedback. We appreciate your participation in advance. Also, please consider attending one of the Principal's Coffees to ask questions and share ideas.

Thank you for sharing your children with us! Please remember to communicate with us regularly!

Principal's Coffee

Monday, Feb. 29th, 8:30-9:30am

178 Bourne Road

Plymouth, MA

Good morning! Dr. Blaisdell and Mrs. Cotreau invite you to attend a morning coffee. We invite you to come to ask questions, share ideas or just say hello. Please RSVP on this form to let us know you are coming. If you have any questions, please call or email Dr. Blaisdell at or (508) 830-4390.

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One Book, One School - Charlotte's Web

Have you had the opportunity to read Charlotte's Web with your family?

Every morning during announcements, students are summarizing the previous night's reading and giving students a focus for reading the next chapter or two. There are several classes that are also listening to a re-reading of the book in school.

One Book, One School is a great opportunity to help connect home and school. We are all talking about a similar topic - Charlotte's Web!

Everyone is invited to a Family Night to celebrate the reading of Charlotte's Web on March 9th at 6:30. Please RSVP to the event below.

Charlotte's Web Family Night

Wednesday, March 9th, 6:30-7:45pm

178 Bourne Road

Plymouth, MA

Please join us for a celebration of our One School, One Book reading of Charlotte's Web. We will be participating in different activities that support the book. We hope you can join us!

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STARS Assembly Video

STARS Assembly Video

Click on the link below to see the pictures highlighting the past month at South Elementary School. Attendees of our February 12th STARS Assembly had the opportunity to see this video. Enjoy and thank you Miss Lundgren for creating this video!


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