Rebel WITH a Cause

Judy's Dysfunctional Family

A character who is looking for love in all the wrong places, she has almost "lost" the love of her father and the suddenly without warning, the love of her boyfriend Buzz. Judy, did not have anyone to love her anymore after that.


Judy shows signs of being dependent on other people at many different times throughout the movie.

For example, when Judy's boyfriend Buzz dies she jumps right to Jim Stark right away without even taking any time to get over Buzz's death. She goes right to Jim the moment she realizes Buzz is not coming back up. Judy also shows signs of neediness because throughout the movie, she just wants all the attention on her. Like when she hangs out with Buzz and that whole group of people, the majority of the group is male so obviously all of the attention from the masculine folks would be on her because she is a beautiful young girl.


Judy says something in the movie that proves that she is a follower. She said to Jim " Do not listen to me when I'm around my other friends, I don't mean it." Proving that she was just trying to "fit in" with the rest of them and that she just wanted to look cool in front of them and her boyfriend no matter how nice Jim was to her, fitting in and being cool was more important to her.

Looking for Love

There are pieces of evidence that show how Judy is looking for love, like her father. She wanted her dad to love her but he thought that she was too old for his love and kissing her and sitting on his lap. Which is why her dad slaps her when she tries to kiss him on the cheek, and says "you're too old for that!" Also, again when Buzz dies she goes right to Jim because she doesn't want to be alone. That could be because of her home life, if her dad doesn't love her she needed a different male in her life that would.

Did Judy change?

Judy changed through out the movie because at the end she acted like she really cared for Jim. She acted differently around Jim than she did around Buzz in the beginning.

Plato's mismatching socks

The symbolism behind Plato's red and blue mismatching socks is disturbed life. Plato's socks represent his mixed up life. He lost is parents, he killed some puppies, and he was just confused about what life really was and what his purpose in life was.


The theme for Rebel Without a Cause is relationships between adults and their teenage children. Is shows through out all of the characters lives. For example, Plato's parents abandoned him, he had a nanny and someone that cared for him, but it is not the same as having a real mom and dad figure there. Judy wanted her dad to keep treating her like she was a little girl but he thought that she was too old to be treated that way. And Jim wanted his dad to be a strong man instead of his mom running the family.

Q & A

Q - Do teens today go though the same situations as Judy, Jim and Plato?

A - Teens in today's society go through the same things that these three characters did, on a daily basis. Adults and teens always clash because adults see things differently than teens do. But, the world has changed from when they were teens to right now when we are teens. Teens think that it's okay to go out and do a lot of things, when adults say no because they are trying to protect their kids.

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