"PEEK at PEAK" - Fifth Grade News

February 3


Today we welcomed a new student: Chloe Sportsman


Thank you for coming! I am so proud of the students and their hard work!



  1. Students can work on their feature magazine article from home. It is saved in their Drop Box.


Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: We filled out scoring guides to grade topic study projects and selected new Topic Studies! Next week we will write new essential questions. Everything should easier the second time around!

  • Math: We started our Algebra unit - kids were really excited and did a great job locking into the lessons!
  • Today we also introduced "5 things every mathematician and scientist need to know" We will discuss 5 rules. Today's Rule: Math and science will tell you the truth. We used the Challenger disaster as an example. NASA was told that it was not safe to launch (math and science told them so) but NASA chose to ignore the warnings. Ask your child for the other example we used to demonstrate this principle.

Theme Study:

  • Today we worked on writing our feature magazine article rough drafts. Students were actively engaged in the writing process! Each student put his/her writing in their personal Drop Box account so they could work on it at home if desired.
  • We introduced the museum portion of this unit. We brainstormed museums we have visited and what we liked about the museums. We also discussed the types of exhibits we have seen. The purpose is for students to learn more about museums so they can create a virtual museum on their brain topic. Students will also create one additional project to represent our depth and breadth of knowledge.

New Apps are where it's at ---

We have learned the following new Technology Applications:

  • Evernote ---for Theme Study
  • Symbaloo - "PEAK PAD"
  • Drop Box
  • S'more poster
  • Padlet
  • Google Docs
  • Create a Graph
  • Live Binders --- for Topic Study
  • Edmodo (review)
  • Thinglink