Digital Flyers Rock!

Use to create your digital flyer!

TOPIC of presentation

Sub topic 1

You can add as many sub topic boxes as you need to!! :) And write as much as you'd like about each subtopic!


Add a picture... see below! What a lovely lady! :)
Big image

Sub topic 2

Add more information about your topic!


You can add links to information, such as what I did above with the smore link!
Smore Tutorial


You can add a video, like the one above that shows you ALL ABOUT how to create a smore digital flyer!


You can add a biography to tell everyone who is viewing your electronic flyer all about YOU the author of the flyer! :) Who is this beautiful woman?

Sub topic 3

Blah, blah, blah... more information!!!

Sub topic 4

more and more and more info. ;)

Sub topic 5

even more info. (make sure every area of your teacher's rubric is covered!!!!)


Wrap it up!