black and white

paul volponi


Marcus and Eddie are bestfriends who play basketball and they got the nickname black and white because eddie is white and marcus is black.They were the stars of the basketball team, but they started to stickup people to play for school, they thought it was going good sticking up people. But one night Eddie and Marcus was going to stick somebody up but when they aporched the man eddie shot him but it was an accident so they ran. Than a few weeks later in the school lockers room during half time in the basketball game Marcus got arrested Because one of the people they stookup seen Marcus's face in the review mirror. Marcus stayed in jail for a night and his bail was 20,000 so his mom asked her sister to put up their house for Marcus's bail. When he got out the next day the was called down to the office and they said the cant play on the basketball team no more because he's a criminal.And a few weeks after that Eddie was walking the dog and he took the gun they used to stickup people with and threw it somewhere nobdy and see.He was coming home form walking the dog and two distctives knocked on the door and they was asking about what happened that night and if they had a gun in the house they said no and Eddies dad went up stairs to look in the box where they hid the gun and he threw it away. And Eddie and Marcus was fighting about what happen that night Marcus was going to take the blame for the crime (but not for the shooting)and when it came to the courts his is spending 19 months in jail or 17 for good behavior. And Eddie is not in jail.

List of Chacters

Marcus (black)-He plays basketball and likes Eddies sister, Lives in ravens wood projects and his best friend is Eddie

Eddie(white)-He plays basketball and lives in ravens wood projects his best friend is Marcus

Rose (Eddie's sister)-She likes Marcus and lives in ravens wood projects

Sabrina(Marcus 8 year old sister)-She Marcus little sister she 8 years old

Marcus Mom-She Marcus mom

Casey(basketball coach)-Coaches Basketball

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Charese Moore

I read the book for my English class. I think you should read this book becacuse its a good book and interesting.