Database Software


  • You only have to enter the data once
  • Files/tables are linked and this means that if the data is changed in one application then the database will be automatically updated for other applications.
  • Access to th inforation is very fast, which means you do not wait long to get the information you require
  • Complex search criteria can be constructed and these may be saved and used again or even modified.
  • validation checks may be performed on the data as it is entered, protecting the integrity of the database.


  • If the file server containing the database breaks down, then none of the applications that use the data can be used.
  • Security needs to be considered carefully as all the data is now held centrally
  • uses of the system will need careful training and this can be expensive.
Access 2010: Introduction to Databases


A report is a printout of results from a database. Reports give the user control over whar and where the information they want is output: printed on paper or to the screen.
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The data in a database may have taken years to collect and create and is a very valuable commodity to the organisations. its important that the data is easily imported and exported between different software, for exmaple: names and address' from a customer databasecan be imported into word proccessing software in order to produce a mail merge.