Spanish-American War

And other Affairs-Jake Scanlan

What Caused this war?

This all started with Cuba trying to break the grasp of Spain, which started in February 1895. America got involved in this conflict because of the unexplained sinking of USS Maine. Propelled by this and all of the yellow journalists, The United States ordered Spain to withdraw forces from Cuba, and if not, the US would use force to push them out. Following this, Spain declared war on the USA. Keeping Cuba out of this, the US put in to play the Platt Amendment.

The war

Theodore Roosevelt led the Rough Riders into battle and Adm. Pascual Cervera led the fleet into this war. After winning San Juan Heights and sinking the fleet, the US one the war.

Foreign Policy and Imperalism

TR gained control of the Panama Canal which led many immigrants into the USA. This was supported by TR's Big Stick diplomacy. And this also helped Taft's idea of dollar diplomacy because of travel ease. This helped the missionary diplomacy with easy transportation. Although opposed by the Anti-imperialistic league, this helped the growth. Also, the U.S. took part in the Pancho Villa raids. The united states was strong and imperialistic.