Final Farewell!!!

Learning doesn't end here...


This was my second Masters program here at Ashford, and this journey was not taken lightly. This past year and a half took a lot out of me mentally. I had to take a academic leave during this program. However, I learned many new tricks, tools and tips that I can carry with me into the classroom, in order to make learning exciting again to students. Many of my classmates went all the way through with me on this journey, and some classes were easier than others to all of us. I wouldn't change the experience I had, and if I decide to step out of the classroom one day and teach online, I know that I will have the mind set and the skills to take learning to a whole new level.
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Learning Experiences

This final class was a culmination of work that was previously done in past courses, and also introducing new technology tools. I loved that I know now how to use the Smore application. I have always loved using Microsoft Publisher, when I made flyers or invitations, but this is 2015, so using updated programs is awesome to me. I enjoyed learning about instructional theories and design to better improve learning.

Challenges in this class for me, were that I felt that I was responding to the same people every week. Either this class needs more enrolled students or the other students whom I didn't get to reply too always waited to late, so I was never able to log back on and read their discussions. I also didn't like the repetitive weekly assignments. I know that we were to cover Learning Outcomes, but I think that other various assignments could have been done to show the exact same outcome.

Also, I didn't like the fact that late assignments or discussions were allowed. I know that this is a Masters level course, but sometimes things come up in our lives, that need our immediate attention, and I think that we should have had a little leeway on dates. Being one day late, should constitute not getting credit. I understand taking off points, but there should be a limit.

More than enough support

My friends and family have been there for me since day one of all my degree programs. There favorite line is "you back in school again?" Something about the never ending story of learning always keeps me going back for more. Being a single parent is not easy, but I know that my son is proud of me and has big shoes to fill. My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer back in July of this year, but she taught me how to fight just like she has. I couldn't be anywhere without her continuous support and prayers.

My best friends understand on nights that I can't go out because I have homework, or if I stay in on Friday, then I can go on Saturday. They say I motivate them to go back to school, but they must live vicariously through me, because I have yet to see them do so. Lastly, even though I am an adult now, my dad still asks if I need to go to the library to study. I tell him "it's online class dad." He's old school, so I get it.

MATLT Program

This program exceeded my expectations in a way that I didn't think it would. As usual the enrollment process was easy, and my advisors were more than supportive, and checked on me throughout the program year. When it got to be too much for me to handle, I took a three week academic leave.

The tools that I learned in this program, I will be able to carry over into the classroom, to make sure that my students are motivated to learn and want to know more. These tools will bring about new ways of learning in the classroom.

I only seemed to have trouble in one particular class, which was EDU 651. It seemed that no matter the assignment, the instructor always had something to say that didn't want to motivate me to continue. I know that we are in a Masters level of writing, but I just felt singled out by her. In the end, I completed her class, and I did learn new techniques in the process.

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Final Project

As with other classes, I always look at week 6 final project during the beginning of week 1. This project has a lot of components required, and I think that it would have been an improvement to me to have a break down of assignments due each week, and then putting all the assignments together at the end.

I have my schedule of days that I read, post, write, and discuss on my online courses, and it works well for me. With this course, I had to make alterations to my schedule which I didn't like because I had other things going on.

So for work in this course, I think that more leniency on points should be looked at, and making more time for assignments in relation to the final project so that the culmination isn't so overwhelming in the end.