What's happening in 4th?

Don't be a lemming.


If you haven't already signed for text reminders via remind, just text: @fritz to phone number 816.398.7213. This is a great and easy way for you to receive classroom reminders on your phone. (Standard text message rates apply)


In class we talked about thinking on your own, being okay with not always being right, and marching to the beat of your own drum. Often times students are fed answers instead of problem solving to find what is best. So, (even though it isn't completely accurate about lemmings) I have challenged the class to "not be a lemming." In other words, to think for themselves and to challenge their own thinking in order to learn more and to better understand.

***When I was younger, this was the game that I used to play all the time...it's fantastic for problem solving.


SRI field trip is Thursday!


Goal setting. This past week your child came up with three goals that they want to achieve either weekly, bi-weekly, or quarterly in order to help them achieve their much larger goals they have (STAR Reading, SRI, and AR). They will track how they are moving towards or away from their goals each week. Ask your child what his/her goals are so that you can encourage/help them achieve what they have set for themselves.

In class, we are going to continue to look at text to self/text/world connections as a comprehension strategy, as well as using context clues to infer new or unknown words. This will help us as we begin to describe characters found in our texts that we read.

We finished (my second favorite book of all-time) The Giver as a read-aloud and will be reading together Where the Red Fern Grows. I have never read it, so please don't spoil it for me if you have.

Sonic Night

Wednesday, Sep. 17th, 5pm

500 E Red Bridge Rd

Kansas City, MO

Come out and support RBE as part of the proceeds from Sonic night filter right back to our school!

Science, coming to a classroom near you!

As we finish up September and move into October, we will continue to discuss what a scientist does and how they move through the scientific process. This will then lead us into our own science experiments. Not only will we be recording data for our own experiments, we will also be learning about different tools to use in order to track this information (iPad apps, web apps, etc.)

***all science experiment showcase work will be done in class.

Nelson-Atkins Art Museum

Monday, Sep. 22nd, 9:45am-1pm

4525 Oak St

Kansas City, MO

4th grade will be heading to the art museum to learn more about the Plains Indians. If you see Mrs. Turner, be sure to thank her for setting this up.

A sack lunch is needed for this trip or let me know if you want to order one from the cafeteria.


We are slowly but surely moving through topic 3 in class dealing with place value. This concept has been introduced in previous grades, but is an important concept to grasp as we start to use this knowledge to move towards rounding larger numbers.

Remember your child should be practicing math facts for a mere 5 minutes a night. We have set lofty goals as a class with our fact fluency and each night practicing for a short amount of time is better than one cram session the night before the test.

Center Schools' District Night

Friday, Oct. 10th, 5pm

Holmes Rd

Kansas City, MO

The carnival has been scheduled for a third time. Be sure to join in on the fun in early October!

Spelling Words

Each Monday we will take a pretest on spelling words. The words will be unknown by the students and if a student scores a 20, they are not required to retake the test on Friday. If they score an 18 or 19, they will have the option of accepting the 18 or 19 OR retaking on Friday to try and improve (the highest of the two scores will be accepted). Students who score a 17 or below will retake on Friday. They will come home with their pretest on Monday graded, and ready to study. Remember, just like the math facts practice; it is better to practice 5-10 minutes a night rather than a 30 minute cram session.

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