Whitford Newsletter

May 2022

Principal Message

Hello Whitford families,

It’s hard to believe that we’re now into May. It looks like the sun is starting to shine a little bit more and with this comes some of our normal outdoor activities including Outdoor School which will begin next week.

Outdoor school for 6th graders will be three separate day trips to three different locations to experience what the Oregon outdoors have to offer. All students will be back by the time buses leave so there is no need to rearrange schedules for pick up. I fully understand that our 7th and 8th graders got robbed of the full outdoor school experience and this year’s 6th graders are only participating in day trip experiences. I wish things were different, but we are trying to make every experience meaningful for the students.

Last week, our soccer club was able to play in their first tournament at Highland Park Middle School. The parking lot was full, and it was great to see all the families supporting their students from the middle schools across the district. There was rain forecasted but held off just for the kids to better enjoy the opportunity. On May 19, Whitford will be hosting the district middle school soccer tournament. It should be a fun experience and we have ordered a Taco Truck for people who want to support a local business and eat dinner. The students participating in the tournament will get one ticket for a free taco. Families and spectators are welcome to purchase items from the Taco Truck. Our soccer club is funded by The Beaverton Educational Foundation (BEF). We have partnered with BEF for many years and it’s such a great opportunity for students to participate, stay active and be part of a club.

Whitford students participated in state testing last week and will continue for the next few weeks. We still have students who need to finish their tests, but overall students were prepared and had the right mindset for state testing. I don’t have any data yet on how students did, but I will be looking at this data knowing we are coming off two years of interrupted schooling and families recovering from the toll of COVID.

As you might have read in my post last Friday, I will be transitioning to Mountain View Middle School for the next school year. It has been an honor to serve this community for the past six years as principal and another two years as the assistant principal. I promise you’ll be in good hands with Zan Hess who will be moving to Whitford from Conestoga. Zan is bilingual and will be a great support for our dual language program and Spanish speaking population. Beyond his 16 years of experience as a middle school principal and his bilingual skills, Zan is a great person who cares deeply about kids and their well-being.


Brian Peerenboom

Outdoor School Reminders

Hello families!

Due to transportation issues, there has been a change to the Outdoor School Schedule. All three days of Outdoor School will now end by 1:00, having students return to Whitford by 2:00. Students will be back at school in time to take their regular district transportation home from Whitford at 3:50 all three days of Outdoor School (May 11, 12 and 13). This means you do not have to plan to pick your student up at 6:00pm any day that week.

If you have not already done so, please

  1. Complete and turn in the permission slip to your student's first period teacher.
    1. English permission slip

    2. Spanish permission slip

  1. Review the Outdoor School Covid Policies with your student.

    1. Covid Policies in English

    2. Covid Policies in Spanish

  1. Review the Outdoor School Behavior Expectations with your student.

    1. Behavior Expectations in English

    2. Behavior Expectations in Spanish

We are still seeking chaperones to help out for all three days. If you are interested in chaperoning for your student's class during outdoor school please email at lindsay_laing@beaverton.k12.or.us. You will need to provide proof of vaccination and pass a district background check before we can confirm you as a chaperone.
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AVID students visit PSU

AVID 8th graders enjoying a day at Portland State University. Student's took Tri-Met to PSU and for a walking tour of the campus.

NW Regional Science Expo Award Winners

Whitford Summa sent 13 students to Oregon's state science fair last week. Students' projects were reviewed by judges who have expertise in the science and engineering categories that students had studied. This is the result of months of dedication and hard work on original scientific investigations. ALL 13 of our students earned awards! Here is the breakdown of those awards, along with each student's project title in alphabetical order by scientific category. Congratulations, NWSE winners!!!

Animal Science and Microbiology: 3rd Place - Erin Fintel, Chemical vs. plant based cleaning products against bacterial growth

ALSO, nominated for the national science fair - Broadcom Masters - Erin Fintel

Behavioral and Social Science: 3rd Place - Liliana Aquino Arroyo, How the source of racism affects the detectability

ALSO, Tom Owen Award for American Statistical Association Honorable Mention Award - Liliana Aquino Arroyo

Computer Science and Robotics, 1st Place - Emaad Khawaja, Utilizing Eye Tracking To Build A Virtual Keyboard For People With ALS

ALSO, The Lemelson Early Inventor Prize - Emaad Khawaja

ALSO, nominated for the national science fair - Broadcom Masters - Emaad Khawaja

Consumer Products Testing, 1st Place - Dante Rose, How does polyester affect the tensile strength of cotton?

ALSO, nominated for the national science fair - Broadcom Masters - Dante Rose

Earth, Weather, and Mineral Science, 2nd Place - Annalina Grotbeck, How do different methods of soil replenishment affect the nutrient content of soil and the growth of crops?

ALSO, Tom Owen Award for American Statistical Association Excellence in Statistics - Annalina Grotbeck

ALSO, nominated for the national science fair - Broadcom Masters - Annalina Grotbeck

Energy, Honorable Mention - Ethan Welter, Designing an Undersea Tidal Flow Turbine

Engineering, Outstanding Project in an Atmospheric Science Exhibit - Chanithu Bodhipaksha, Carbon Dioxide Direct Air Capture Machine

Environmental Science, 3rd Place - Akshara Ashok, The Effects of Pollution on the Transpiration Rate of Plants

Environmental Science, 1st Place - Max Jewett, Ideal Particle Size of Calcium Hydroxide for Effective, Efficient Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement

ALSO - Outstanding Project in Water Quality - Max Jewett

ALSO, nominated for the national science fair - Broadcom Masters - Max Jewett

Medicine and Health Sciences, Honorable Mention - Isabel Shandy, Food's Influence on Skin Health

Medicine and Health Sciences, Honorable Mention - Anderson Jost, How do Certain Variables Affect a Person's Perception of Spiciness?

ALSO, Tom Owen Award for American Statistical Association Honorable Mention Award - Anderson Jost

Medicine and Health Sciences, 1st Place - Phaedra Kalis, COVID-19 at Whitford (Computer Simulation)

ALSO, Daughters of Eve Excellence in Science Award - Phaedra Kalis

ALSO, nominated for the national science fair - Broadcom Masters - Phaedra Kalis

Plant Sciences, 3rd Place - Reagan Burton, Spider Plant Propagation

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Students Visit Aloha's Auto Tech Program

Whitford students visit Aloha High School Auto tech program. Students were able to see what the Auto Tech program has to offer students.
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THPRD (Whitford) Track Team

The Whitford THPRD Track Team had their final District Track & Field meet yesterday. Here are some of the top results.


Boys Shot Put

2nd Forest Koch

Boys Discus

3rd Forest Koch

Boys Long Jump

2nd Chase Layman

3rd Leonardo Reed


Girls 100 Meters

2nd Emily Bridgens

3rd Johanna Middlebrooks

Girls 200 Meters

2nd Johanna Middlebrooks

Girls 400 Meters

1st Johanna Middlebrooks

2nd Emily Bridgens

Girls 4x100 Relay

1st Ashlee McPherson, Claire Regall, Emily Bridgens, Scarlett Grady

Whitford Cool Coachmen Winners

Here are this April's Cool Coachmen Winners:

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Whitford Student Newspaper

Check out the latest edition of our student newspaper.


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6th Grade Choir Concert

The 6th/7th/8th grade Finale Choir Concert will be June 9th at 7:00pm.

Congratulations Whitford Math Students!

The following students competed in the AMC8 Math Competition:

Kevin Abad-Ortiz

William Andrews

Akshara Ashok

Violet Black

Ella Braun

Jovannyy Bustanante

Kaden Butler

Makena Campbell

Molly Carter

Astrid Chavez

Eric Cheng

Amira Eltamzini

Ross Garalde

Emma Gorubec

Scarlett Grady

Maguire Gray

Annalina Grotbeck

Sophia Hettle

Addison Holliday

Jonathan Isdarous

Yunah Kim

Cooper Kulpreyawat

Ahrhan Lee

Liana Lee

Geovanni Lujan

Jsalyn Mark

Dwayne Mcclain

Chloe Meurisse

Bryce Montz

Valeria Perez-Herrera

Lyla Perry

Elanor Pruitt

Claire Regali

Siena Riccardi

Kristine Shin

Chloe Simpson

Riley Teed

Jaden Torres

Anaya Valdez

David Webber

Minula Weerasekera

Malorie White

Madison Williams

Spencer York

Our top three winners in the school for the AMC8 were:

Annalina Grotbeck (Grade 7) - Bronze

Kristine Shin (Grade 7) - Silver

Yunah Kim (Grade 7) - Gold

Congratulations also go to the following students, for competing in the AMC10:

William Andrews

Annalina Grotbeck

Ian Gustafson

Longgood Halle

Liana Lee

M Pettersson

Jacob Pettersson

Elizabeth Shen

Kristine Shin

Madison Williams

Ginnie Wu

Tymen Yoder

Our overall winner for this exam was Kristine Shin (Grade 7) - congratulations again! In second place was Ginnie Wu (Grade 8), and there was a three-way tie for third place: Liam Andrews (Grade 8), Ian Gustafson (Grade 6), and Madii Williams (Grade 7).

Kudos to all the students who participated in either of the above tests! These are highly competitive national exams, and you should be very proud of all your hard work and achievements!

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Students Use AdobeSpark

Students in Mr. Rooke-Ley’s class used AdobeSpark infographics to summarize current events happening right now around the world. They researched events through the newspaper and put together infographics so that Whitford students could learn about what is going on worldwide!

Summer School

Whitford’s Summer Experience 2022 is the summer camp you’ve been waiting for!

During the month of July, we will have two, two-week long sessions. Students will learn through hands-on classes like Rocket Building and Creating Carnival Games . There will be opportunities to get physical and support social emotional learning through classes like team sports, yoga, and mindfulness, as well as career-connected courses such as Fashion Design, Forensics, and Culinary Arts. The application and detailed information will be sent by the end of next week.

This is open to current students who will be in 6, 7, and 8 grade for the 2022-2023 school year.

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AVID for 2022-2023 School year

Thank you so much for everyone who has applied! Decision letters will be sent out late-May/early-June.

State Testing Continues

Thank you for your support in our state testing efforts recently! Almost every student came to school each of our three main test days with a Chromebook ready for testing - WOW! By the time this newsletter is published, all our formal testing will be completed and we will be in "make up" mode. This means that students will be pulled from various classes to complete any tests they may have missed due to absence during a testing time. The state of Oregon has a deadline for getting all these tests done, so we will do this as quickly as possible with as little interruption as possible, but you should know in advance that class interruptions will be necessary. Thanks for your support!

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Whitford Drama Club Presents...


We will have 4 performances:

  • June 2 at 7PM
  • June 3 at 7PM
  • June 4 at 2PM and 7PM

Tickets sold at the door:

Student tickets $5

General Admission $7


Our Whitford Staff would like to say THANK YOU to Parents and our PTO who spoiled us this week.

A Special thank you to:

Thai Roses for a delicious lunch

Einstein Bagels and Sesame Donuts for Breakfast

Our amazing community for the treats and words or gratitude.

Annual Parent Survey

Annual Parent Survey

Please take a few moments to complete the BSD Annual Parent Survey! Our goal is to ensure that every member of our school community feels welcomed, valued, and informed, so it is important for all parents/guardians to complete the survey.

A link to the 2022 Annual Parent Survey was sent to all valid parent email addresses via ParentSquare on Sunday, May 2. The deadline to participate is Sunday, May 22.

Playing Basketball at Southridge

Current 8th graders and families, Spring & summer basketball opportunities for incoming Southridge High School players.

Spring Workouts Tues & Thurs nights 7-9 pm @ Southridge High School -- come check us out!

Summer league May 31st-June 26th -- tryout & play on Southridge's Frosh summer team


OR email Coach Vesel with questions.

Picking up your Student Early?

Please try to schedule appointments outside of school time. We have seen an increase in the amount of students checked out early each day. Students have valuable class time until 3:50 every day.

Upcoming Events

11 Outdoor School 6th grade

12 Outdoor School 6th grade

13 Outdoor School 6th grade

13 Summer School Information -- emailed to Parent

26 Dental Sealants 8-4

30 Memorial Day School Closed


2 Musical -- NEWSIES7:00 PM

3 Musical -- NEWSIES7:00 PM

4 Musical -- NEWSIES2pm and 7pm

9 Choir Final Concert 7:00 PM

9 Breaking Barriers6-7:30 PM

17 8th Grade Step up Party 1:00-3:50

20 Juneteenth School Closed

21 Last day of School 9:15-1:50