Indian Island

Come to this beautiful island off the coast of Devon,England

Come and Stay at Indian Island

This great summer vacation spot on Indian Island is perfect for parties with family or friends. It is also great for short vacations. We are located in Devon County in southwest England. We are also approximately five and a half hours from London by train. Although it is a long trip for residents of London, Southwest Devon Railways will take you through a beautiful sightseeing experience. Our employees here at the Indian Island mansion will arrange for a taxi to take you from the station when you arrive. Our staff here will make Indian Island your home away from home. Our theme is based on the name of the island, which is the shape of an Indian's head. Inside our luxurious rooms are mantel pieces with the "Ten Little Indians Poem" and in our dining room is a set of antique china figures of Indians. In addition, our homes are also supplied with the most modern up to date, and high quality appliances to make your stay more comfortable than the average vacation house.  Come and stay at Indian Island where the warm breeze and sounds of the calming waves will relax you