Curriculum and Instruction Update

Brewster Central School District

Important Updates

Please see this newsletter for a number of important announcements regarding K-5 Report Cards, COVID-19 testing, learning choice for the second semester, and the asynchronous instruction day on 12/23. Also, please complete the survey for COVID-19 testing!

K-5 Report Cards

Trimester One Report Cards Released on Monday, December 21st

The K-5 report cards will be released on Monday, December 21st and will be available in two ways: via the Parent Portal as well as a paper copy mailed home to each student. At the outset of this year teachers worked collaboratively to identify the priority standards for each content area, and have aligned their curriculum, instruction and assessment to meet those standards. Please know that as a result of this adjustment, you may see more indicators for math and ELA marked N/A than in the past. While there would typically be N/A’s on report cards anyway due to the listed standards representing end of the year goals, there may be additional N/A’s because of our intense focus on the priority standards. The targeting of these high leverage standards allows for greater focus on the identified standards that lead to a higher percentage of mastery for that course and grade level. Also, science and social studies will be assessed only on effort and participation. The K-5 Report Card Committee met and agreed that these cumulative changes for this school year would be the most precise way to communicate student progress. As always, if you have any questions regarding your son/daughter, please contact the classroom teacher for additional information.

Wednesday, December 23rd - Asynchronous Instructional Day

As mentioned in previous communications, Wednesday December 23rd is an asynchronous instructional day. All teachers will post work for each course that would meet on that day by the start of the school day. Teachers will be taking attendance based on work completion.

Learning Choice for the Second Semester

Next week via Parent Square we will be asking all parents/guardians to make the choice as to which learning mode (Hybrid or All-Remote) they would like their son/daughter to be enrolled in for the second semester. As was the case with this semester, once a student is in the All-Remote learning mode they must remain in All-Remote for the semester. Students who are in the Hybrid model can request to move to the All-Remote model at any point throughout the semester. However, those changes will only become effective at two points in time, once in March and the other in May. Throughout this semester we have accommodated these changes as soon as we are able and it has been disruptive to both students and staff. Making these changes at two points in time will allow us to better plan, to control class sizes (especially at the K-5 level) and to keep student-teacher connections intact as best as possible. Please look for this questionnaire next week. We ask that you let us know if your decision by January 15th.

Important Survey to Complete for Potential COVID-19 Testing

We announced at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday our desire to continue to explore the prospect of COVID-19 testing for students and staff should we be designated a Yellow, Orange, or Red Zone (see PDF here for additional information). The Governor has adjusted these requirements in recent weeks and although implementing testing would require an effort that is unprecedented and herculean, the changes in the guidance make the possibility more doable. In order to move forward, we need to know where you stand on testing for your child. The response to this survey is non-binding but it will be used to inform our decision-making.

We would utilize the tests provided to us free of charge from the Department of Health - the BinaxNOW rapid nasal swab tests. If we do need to administer these tests they would be conducted by personnel who are trained and demonstrate proficiency through our School Medical Director. We will of course provide additional information and more detailed plans as this becomes more of a possibility, but for now, we need your feedback as to how you currently feel about the prospect of testing. Please take a moment to complete this survey (survey en Espanol) by Wednesday, December 23rd.

Office of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Dr. Michelle Gosh

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment