Unit 9 2.2 & 2.3

Tangina Begum 30th July 2014

The benefits of working with others when contributing innovation- Unit 9 2.2

The benefits of working with others when contributing to innovation is an advantage whether you are working with a team or with others. When you are working with others you can discuss your strengths and weaknesses this means that you can improve your strengths to become more secure with the innovation. Also you can work on your weaknesses to make them better in order to meet the criteria.  Furthermore, working with others allows you to produce more ideas through communication which means that others may identify changes that you didnt know. Therefore, this shows that the more ideas and innovation you get the better it is for the business to invent new things to compete with competitors. In addition, when working with others it is essential that you share the workload because you can get the work done quickly and on time, which prevents stress and less hassle. In order to keep others valued you need to make sure that you have shared the workload equally and equivelent, which makes them feel that you have recognised their strengths, making them feel appreciated. However, another benefit when working with others when contributing innovation is that it saves resouces, money and time, which means that you can research with the remaining resorces and the people that you are working with can have an input. This means that you dont need to spend time in researching the internet and buying things that you dont really need because you can get others ideas. It is usually convinenient to talk to others because it saves time and it is faster which enables you to go back and make any improvements that maybe needed.

The behaviours and attitudes that support innovation- Unit 9 2.3

The behaviours and attitudes that support the innovation ensures that you have a positive reaction to the innovation. This means that the attitude that you have towards it, is positive which means that you are supporting the innovation. Positive attitudes helps you plan ahead which shows that you are motivated to support the changes that may occur.Therefore,  if you are open minded it makes it easier for employers and employees to find out what your ideas and opinions are. On that ocassion you also need to have an optimistic attitude towards the innovation because it means that you are hopeful and confident to support the innovation.Furthermore, your behaviour should be approachable to support innovation because having a wide variety of skills will be beneficial. This means that by having a positive behaviour it shows that you are supportive, in order to meet the needs of the innovation.