By:Harini Lenin


Relative location-Iraq is betweeen the Tigris and Euphrates rivers,It is bordered by Iran,Tirkey,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,Syria,and Jordan.The Persian Gulf is also nearby.

Hemisphere-North East


Baghdad laditude and longitude-33.3250°N,44.4220°E

How it impacts-As it once was the Fertile Crescent,it is good for farming.It is also good for transport because of there multiple waterways.So it affects the economy.

Physical and Political map


How the economy and government affect the people-Iraq has one of the most horrible governments in the world.Although it has improved tremendously,as it is part of the Islamic state,it is still not a good thing for the people.Also since the Iraq oil war,Iraq's power plants have been down

Man made Landmarks

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Swords of Quadisiya

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Golden gate palace

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Baghdad Tower

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Hatra Ruins

Human environment interaction

How is the government modified and what are its effects-the government is considering a extended performance time.Hte effect to this will be 2-6 months more performance time

Jobs-oil mining,shopkeeping,and farming

Examples-Oil refineries,water pollution,Chemical contamination of soil,Soil erosion,Sewage discharges

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communications-People in Iraq commune using the native language

Transportation-In Iraq,in to transport,they use highways,waterways,railways,pipelines,and ports and harbors ,and airports to transport

How it impacts-Simce there a lot of waterways available to use,that should not bemissed a s a factor


Most of Iraq is sandy plains.There Re also a lot of water sources.

Cities~ Baghdadi, Baghdad, Fallujah,Ad~Dwar,Taji are some cities

The Iraqi History & Culture

What is the culture of Iraq (FAQ question)?

City Life

most of Iraq lives in cities.Most people went in search of work.


Middle class and the rich wear something that resemble what North Americans wear.Most laborors prefer to wear traditional clothing(for women these are long concealing gowns and headdresses.For men there are long gowns and jackets.

Rural Life

Most people like this farm for a living.They have houses of Mud and brick.


The eat an assortment of vera tables,rice,flat bread,meat,fish,and dates.They also have a traditional Iraqi meal;Sanbusak,which is shaped like a moonlike dough


95% of the people are Muslim,which the other 5% being Christianity and other religions


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