Mustang Tales

May 13, 2022 Vol 2. Issue 34

Message from Principal Masone

Dear Families:

We have had a terrific week across grade levels this week. Hopefully, you have been able to join this week's festivities.

The first grade team celebrated this week with the return of the tea party. Staff and students were delighted with the love and support of parents. Smiles and good treats were abundant. Check out the wonderful pictures below.

Second grade partnered with UCCS for their Science lab to complete the human body unit. Students learned about body systems like the respiratory system and skeletal system. With the support of Dr. Lissana Follari, and seventh grade students from MSMS, second graders were able to get an up close look at animal organs. Students inspected cow eyeballs, and the kidneys and brains of pigs and elk.

Fifth grade had the extraordinary opportunity to play dodge ball with Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs police officers. The event was an extraordinary opportunity for students to ask officers questions about safety and our community. Officers left behind footballs, basketballs and more for student use. A huge shout out to our police departments. Learn more about the PLAY COS program.

We had a lot of field trips this week; in second, third, fourth and fifth grades. Some of the pictures are below.

On Monday, we will be hosting Field Day at MSHS from 8:30-2:00. We'd love to see you there!

Have a terrific weekend.



Important Dates

  • May 16 - Field Day for 3rd-5th Grade @ MSHS Track
  • May 18 - Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay)
  • May 20 - Mustang Might Family Connection Movie Night 5:30pm-8:00pm
  • May 20 - Field Day for K-2nd Grade @ MSES 8:30-10:30am
  • May 26 - 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony
  • May 26 - Last Day of School - 12:00pm Dismissal

First Grade Tea Party

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Dodgeball: MSES 5th Grade vs. MSPD

On Tuesday, our wonderful local police officers visited the school for a game of dodgeball with the 5th grade class! They took some time to answer questions and talk to kids about safety and wellness. Thank you to the Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs Police Departments for your dedication to our school and students!
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Kindergarten: Ask Your Expert

In kindergarten, we have started our American Presidents and Symbols domain. So far we have learned about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt. We have painted an American Flag, done black and white drawings of George Washington and a colored guided draw of the Statue of Liberty. Here are some questions to ask your expert:

What color is the flag of the United States of America? (Red, white, blue). Why are there 50 stars on the flag? (There are 50 states). Where does the President of the United States live? (The White House). What is a liberty you have? (Answers will vary). Who was the first President of the United States? (George Washington). What were some characteristics of George Washington? (He was brave, honest, and clever). In what war did George Washington lead the American Continental Army to defeat the British Army? (American Revolution). What document did our third President Thomas Jefferson help write? (The Declaration of Independence).

2nd Grade: Ask Your Expert

Second graders are learning about immigration and how America became the "Melting Pot" it is today! We are learning about push and pull factors and what it is like to immigrate to a new country and start a new life! Ask your expert: What is an immigrant? (Someone who leaves their home country to start a new life in a different country.) What is a push factor and what are some examples? (Push factors are things that make people want to leave their home country: Natural disasters, religious reasons, government issues, etc.) What are pull factors and what are some examples? (pull factors are things that make people want to move to that country: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, opportunities, etc.)

Second Grade Organ Lab

3rd Grade at Mueller State Park

Last Friday, our third graders spent the day at Mueller State Park learning about our environment. The weather was perfect for hiking, exploring and learning.THANK YOU to our friends at Mueller who donated the cost of transportation for this field trip!

4th Grade Happenings:

Fourth Grade has had some great opportunities recently! Last week, we received a visit from the Manitou Springs Police Chief Bill Otto, who talked to students about having a career in law enforcement and the steps he took to make it to his position!

We also attended a field trip at the Littleton Museum, a "living" 1800s homestead farm with people dressed in period clothing sharing about what life was like in the 1800s in Colorado. We attended school in a one room schoolhouse, learned what it was like to be a blacksmith, and were able to walk through old houses to get a glimpse of the past!

Ms. DeLarm's 5th Grade

Thank you to Jennifer (Ansel's mom) and Shannon (Zack's mom) for going with us on Wednesday to Starsmore Discovery Center for our field trip learning about native american history and their land use in our area. The weather was beautiful, the activities fun, and we learned a lot.

Landsharks Final Meet

MSES Landsharks Running Club had their last meet this past Sunday. The kids worked so hard at practices and the meets. Each and every kid showed improvement in their running ability and attitude towards running. They learned they can do hard things! The season was a rousing success. If you are interested in the fall season, look for the flyer here when school starts in August!
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Playground Donation Request:

We are always in need of SIDEWALK CHALK for recess! With each grade level having at least two recess breaks per day, the chalk is one resource that gets used up quickly. Any donations of this most precious item will be accepted and appreciated by Ms. Luz (our spectacular Recess Monitor, among many other titles she carries) and all of our students!

Wanted: Library Helpers

We are looking for library helpers through the end of the year! We are getting our library in order for the next school year and could use some extra hands. Please contact Amy Bradbury if you are interested in helping out.

In Our District:

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In Our Community:

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