Junior Iditarod Express

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  • Musher- is a person who guides and care for the team
  • Junior Iditarod is open to ages 13 to 17
  • They test the mushers skills at guiding and caring for their dogs
  • Adult Iditarod is open to ages 18 and up
  • Mushers are required an emergency gear and a checklist


  • Teens race 160 miles
  • When the junior Iditarod teams are halfway of the race they must rest for 10 hours
  • Junior Iditarod race lasts two days
  • Iditarod for the adults get to rest for 24 hour plus two extra 8 hours
  • Adult iditarod race about 1,046
  • Adult iditarod lasts about two weeks


  • Anchorange, Alaska
  • Ends at Nome
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  • Every February


  • Teens that are included in the junior iditarod dog race gives them a taste of the Alaskan wilderness
  • Teens want to join the Iditarod, but they where to young so they created the junior Iditarod to give teens a chance to feel like they where in the real Iditarod


  • Dogs can over heat if the temperature is above freezing
  • Thermometer dips to 20 below 0 degrees with no chill factor
  • Weather conditions put them in risk of injuries and death

Fun Facts

  • Winners in the junior iditarod gets a trophy and a 5,000 dollar collage scholarship
  • Adult's get a 60,000 dollars if they win
  • A boy named Seavey holds a record for the youngest musher ever to win in 2012
  • Seavey also came from a mushing family
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    By: Isabelle Toni, Peyton Sperr