Open Your Heart to a New Friend!

Come meet your new best friend today!

Adoption is the purrrfect option.

Around the world, many animals are born into poor living conditions and some are never shown real love in their first months of life. You can be the difference! You can make the difference in an animals life by making them apart of your life.

The Picture Purrrfect Organization.

Who are we?

  • Picture Purrrfect is a organization based on making the lives of rescued animals better! Our CEO started this organization when she began to notice in her own city the amount of stray animals in her city. She worked with her own local animal shelter and raised awareness of the importance of adoption. Once she got her city on track, she decided not to stop there.
Where are we?

  • We work with no-kill shelters around the country in helping to bring attention to the animals that were once forgotten. We currently have more than 75 locations nationwide one in every state- but we know that is not enough.
What do we offer?

  • Our organization raised the awareness of adopting from no-kill shelters. With our aid, for a small fee, we assist shelters in building more space for the animals as well as get the local citizens attention in the epidemic facing them. We also help to spay and neuter the animals before adoption to help control the population.
Why no-kill?

  • No-kill shelters is what our founder stands by. No-kill shelters are shelters that are against the killing of animals even when they become packed for space. Shelters that are not 'no-kill' often euthanize animals when they get tight on space and our founder is strictly against that.


Your local shelters have a lot of these little love sick pups just begging to find a home. With a bundle of energy, they are ready to play and bring a smile to your face. All of their dogs are up to date on vaccinations (neuter/spay included) and are giving monthly check ups to keep up on their health. Your local dogs are all so unique and full of personality just waiting for you to come meet them!


Oh Me-wow! At your local animal shelter you can find a lot of these furry friends to make your heart melt. All of them so full of energy and love to give, all they need is a good home to go to and share in that love. All cats are up to date on vaccinations (neuter/spay included) and are giving monthly check ups to keep up on their health. So come on down to your local shelter and take home a new friend for life.
Come out to your local no-kill shelter today and maybe meet your new best friend and make your life and theirs...

Picture Purrrfect