By: Vanessa Lopez

What type of government does Colombia have?

  • Colombia has a Republic government
  • Their 2014 census population was approximately 46,245,297 with their largest city Santafe de Bogota having 8.743 million residents

Colombia has a land area of 401,042 square miles

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  • Colombia is the 53rd largest export economy in the world
  • $56.5 billion in exports
  • Colombia's main exports are crude petroleum, coal briquettes, refined petroleum, coffee, and gold.


  • Colombia is 47th in imports in the world
  • $61.5 billion in imports
  • Their main imports are refined petroleum, cars, computers, and planes/spacecraft

Colombia's Currency

  • Colombia uses the Colombian peso
  • The exchange rate for one peso in U.S. dollars is .00033 of a dollar for one peso
  • The exchange rate for one peso in Euros is .00029 of an euro for one peso
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Colombia ships 500 mln flowers to US for Valentine's Day