Pierre Elliott Trudeau

A Legal Reformer

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Biographical Information

  • born October 18th 1919
  • After graduating from elite preparatory school College Jan-de-Brebeuf, trudeau went on to receive a law degree from the University of Montreal

  • Desk officer at Privy Council

  • 1951 to 1961 he practiced law, specializing in labor and civil liberty cases

  • 1961 he joined the staff of the University of Montreal as a professor of constitutional law

  • 1965 Trudeau became Minister of justice

  • He reformed the divorce laws and liberalized the laws on abortion and homosexuality

  • April 6 1968, won election for prime minister

  • Canada’s 15th prime minister

  • War measures act, giving government overarching power to arrest without trial

  • Bilingualism

  • referendum on Quebec’s sovereignty.(keep Quebec part of Canada)

  • Canada’s Partition from Great Britain, this monumental act brought civil rights for Canadians

  • After 16 years Trudeau resigned from politics in 1984

  • September 28 2000, Trudeau past away. Suffered from Parkinson’s disease but his official cause of death was prostate cancer.

Honours and Awards

  • Member of Queen’s Privy Council 1967
  • Albert Einstein Peace Prize 1984

  • Companion of Honor 1984

  • Companion of the Order of Canada 1985

Actions Mr. Trudeau took for Canada

  • Official languages act 1969
  • War measures act 1970

  • Wage and price controls 1975

  • Appointed first woman speaker of house of commons

  • Charter 1982

  • Partition 1982

  • Appointed first woman governor general 1984
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Pierre Trudeau - Just Watch me
Pierre Trudeau argues with a couple news reporters during the October crisis in 1970, and uses his famous words that are known today as "Just Watch Me"

Effects and Problems faced after changes

  • Trudeau's changes to the law and introducing the charter opened and broadened federal economic power
  • After the major changes brought by Trudeau it also brought bigger changes to federal structures such as the Supreme court of Canada
  • Pierre faced many problems such as economic and domestic problems which held him back when trying to change things
  • A big factor that stopped Trudeau from taking bigger steps into change was when his party failed to take majority in 1979, but he still kept his seat in parliament
  • Trudeau had a very unique personality and had very progressive ideas which lead him to be the most popular candidate
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Factors that Influenced him

  • Previous prime minister Lester B. Pearson was upset of the fact that Canada is not protecting the French and English language and culture. Pierre made a promise and introduced Bilingualism which protected both English and French, and also officially made them Canada's main languages.

  • Trudeau was also influenced by the BNA act to recreate it and make is in favor of Canadians. After a long time in process he was able to do that by introducing the constitution in 1982.