Come To Texas!

Vivian Mai

Come to Texas, we have much to offer!

Well we have cheap land, low taxes and you could even start a new life here. We have a lot of land so you can farm here. So come down to Texas to take these offers!

Requirements are Needed!

  • You must be a Mexican Citizen
  • You have to follow Mexico's Laws
  • Your religion must be Catholicsm

Want Land?

If you are a settler who was a farmer you received 177 acres. If you raise cattle, you could own a sitio, or a square league of 4,428 acres. Many settlers have received both for cheap!

How much is Land?

In the United States land cost $1.25 per acre. Here in Texas land could be bought for 12.5 cents per acre! That's even cheaper than half the price!

How is the land?

The land is fertile and good for farming or agriculture. Raise your animals like cattle here to run around in the field! But remember don't let them run out! See the photo down below to see an example.