By: Blake Rakestraw

Southern Slugger; Giancarlo Stanton

Do you know who Giancarlo Stanton is? Well, he is a right fielder for the Miami Marlins, a major league baseball team. Giancarlo was born on November 8th, 1989 in the Panorama City section of Los Angeles, California, he is currently twenty-six years old. Giancarlo had two siblings, a brother named Egido and a sister named Kairice. In high school Giancarlo played three sports: football, baseball, and basketball. After he graduated from high school he went straight to the MLB. In 2013, Giancarlo was supposed to participate in the homerun derby, but a knee injury stopped him from participating.

Giancarlo Stanton got hit in the face with an eighty-eight miles per hour fastball thrown by Mike Fiers. The paramedics told Giancarlo to lay on his back but he refused because he thought he would choke to death on his blood. He got carted off the field in an ambulance and went to the emergency room. The baseball broke his nose, cheek bone, and orbital bone. It shattered a tooth and chipped six other teeth. When he returned the following season he had to wear a protective facemask whenever he was up to bat.

In 2014, Giancarlo Stanton and Mike Trout won the Hank Aaron Award. The award honors the best hitter in the National and American league. That 2014 season he led the National league with the most homeruns. The award came to be when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record for the most homeruns. The award was presented to Giancarlo Stanton and Mike Trout by the commissioner of baseball Bud Selig and hall of famer Hank Aaron.

Small Field; Big Price

Have you ever wanted to go to one of the smallest major league baseball fields? Only being 36,742 square feet. Probably not, but what if I told you they had a fish tank behind the field, a retractable roof, and private areas with pools, food, and some entertainment. Would you want to go now? If so, keep reading to learn more about Marlins Park.

Marlins Park has been the Miami Marlins baseball field since 2012. Before that the Marlins played at Sun Life Stadium, designed to be a football field. It cost $515 million to build Marlins Park. Being one of the smallest MLB fields, only 37,442 fans can come to a game. One private area next to the bullpen has a pool, entertainment, and food, only 240 fans are allowed in. Marlins Park has two scoreboards. One is a HD video scoreboard, the other is a scoreboard that displays the scores of other MLB games.

There are two saltwater fish tanks behind home plate. Each tank has a variety of fish varying in size and color. The tanks are twenty-four feet long and three feet deep. The tanks have a one and a half inch thick shatter proof glass, incase it is struck by a foul ball. Originally the tanks would have been in the outfield, those tanks would have had Sharks and Marlins.

Another feature at Marlins Park is a retractable roof that takes thirteen minutes to operate. The roof is energy efficient only costing ten dollars to operate. The roof has three panels, each panel can operate by itself. The entire roof is composed of 8,000 pounds of high-strength steel. It is 560 feet across and 200 feet tall to allow for pop-flies.

Marlins May Schedule

Monday, May 4- Wednesday, May 6 @Nationals

Thursday, May 7- Sunday, May 10 @Giants

Monday, May 11- Wednesday, May 13 @Dodgers

Friday, May 15- Sunday, May 17 vs Braves

Monday, May 18- Thursday, May 21 vs Diamond Backs

Friday, May 22- Sunday, May 24 vs Orioles

Monday, May 25- Wednesday, May 27 @Pirates

Friday, May 29- Monday, May 31 @Mets

MLB Standings

  1. New York Mets

  2. Detroit Tigers

  3. Kansas City Royals

  4. Houston Astros

  5. St. Louis Cardinals

  6. New York Yankees

  7. Chicago Cubs

  8. Los Angeles Dodgers

  9. Tampa Bay Rays

  10. Colorado Rockies

  11. Boston Red Sox

  12. Pittsburg Pirates

  13. San Diego Padres

  14. Atlanta Braves

  15. Baltimore Orioles

  16. Toronto Blue Jays

  17. Cincinnati Reds

  18. Los Angeles Angels

  19. Seattle Mariners

  20. Arizona Diamondbacks

  21. Minnesota Twins

  22. Oakland Athletics

  23. Miami Marlins

  24. San Francisco Giants

  25. Chicago White Sox

  26. Washington Nationals

  27. Philadelphia Philles

  28. Texas Rangers

  29. Cleland Indians

  30. Milwaukee Brewers

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