Trip to australia

By: Bryce

Exchange rate

$1500- $2084.75 Aud

where to stay

I will land in the little town of hyden and check in to the Hyden wave rock motel it is 140$ Aud a night so in total it will be 840$ Aud in all. it is located in australia's outback. The room I will stay in is also a executive suite for one. There's a pool, spa, in the room their is a tv private bathroom a telephone,and a place to make tea and coffee.

where to eat

I would eat all of my meals in the days at the sandalwood restaurant in hyden it will cost somewhere around 20$ a person. In total it would be 120 Aud in all.

How to get around

To get around I will not use a car or a bike. I won't walk ether I will ride a camel. this male dromedary camel will only cost me a 800 to rent. It will come with a training lesson.I will have to feed it and give it water so that will be 235.75 Aud

what to do

I will go swimming at the hyden motel. I can go on the tour to see their famous wave rock. i can go and visit their park. I will ride my camel to perth and go to their beaches. And i will take up some surfing lessons in perth for 89$ Aud.