The Southeast

Katlyn Garcia


The Southeast Region is located it the southeastern part of the United States. It consists of 12 states they are Alabama,Arkansas,Florida,Georgia,Kentucky,Louisiana,Mississippi,North Carolina, South Carolina,Tennessee,Virginia, and West Virginia


A place in the in the Souteast is Florida. A physical characteristic in Florida is the Peninsula. The Peninsula is a piece of land at the end of Forida that is surrounded by water on three sides connected to the mainland. A human characteristic in Florida is its wide variety of religion and ethnicitys.

Human Enviroment Interaction

People affect the enviroment in a bad way in the southeast by dumping waste in the ocean and killing the wild life in Florida also,cutting down trees and destroying habitats. People also help the enviroment by setting up organizations to help the different habitats such as cleaning up beaches or planting trees and plants.


People usually move from place to place by automobiles,airplanes, trains, etc. Goods usually travel by boats, trains, planes,cars. Ideas can travel by technology such as Skype, E-mail, and phone calls.


Some regions that have common physical characteristics with the southeast is the central region of Canada the land is mostly flat. A region that has the same cultures as the south east can be the southern part of Canada the cultures are Hispanic, Indian, and any other immigrants.


The Southeast can be dependent on other regions for goods like from the southwest, we depend on them for there spices and crops. Other regions that are reliable on the southeast can be the Middle West they rely on us for crops from Tennessee or seafood from Florida.