Coahuiltecans Location

The Coahuiltecans lived in the dry South Texas Plains, in the region of the Coastal Plains. They rarely stayed at a campsite for more than a few weeks, so they were nomads. They lived in grass huts they built. By 1800 most of the Coahuiltecans died because of European dieases, others joined different groups or moved to Mexico. Very few still live in Texas area.

Coahuiltecans food

They used bow and arrows to hunt deer and small animals such as rabbits, birds, lizards, and armadillos. They also fished in streams. The Coahuiltecans gathered plant food like nuts, fruit from the prickly pear and mesquite beans. Sometimes food was hard to find for the Coahuiltecans. They were hunters and gatherers.

Traditions and beliefs

The Coahuiltecans believed in shaman to come and summon the spirits and heal the sick. The Coahuiltecans also were organized bands. They also had their own language called Coahuiltecan. Records show they attempted to become Catholic.

Unique fact

~ They did 3 things to get food, hunting, gathering, and fishing. Yet their struggle for food was constant.