Scottish Immigrants

Looking for a place to live

Scottish Facts

Scotland's population

Over 5.1 million people live in Scotland and over the years 5,168,500 have immigrated over to America.

Scottish Immigration Facts

The people from Scotland came because of the increase of their land cost and for money. Most of the Scottish immigrants started coming to America around the 1720's. Most families traveled together instead of letting the father go first to get a job and collect money for the family. Most families from Scotland settled around the east coast.

Arrival Facts

Scottish immigrants were one of the first countries to immigrate to America and once they got there they were having trouble with different language, culture and they also had some trouble with different peoples actions.

Famous People Born In Scotland

3 famous people that will always be remembered that were born in Scotland are Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the telephone, James Watt was the steam engine inventor and the final person is Lord Mac Beth, he was the final Scottish Gaelic King.

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about Scotland....... In Scotland they like to play the bag pipes, eat haggis which contains sheep liver, lungs and their hearts. They also wear kilts which are kind of like dresses.

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