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IMLEA April 4, 2022

IMLEA is excited to co-host a webinar with Indiana's most recent teacher of the year, Sharita Ware, next Monday at 7 pm EDT. Ms. Ware teaches Engineering and Technology at East Tipp Middle School In Lafayette and has a background that includes an engineering degree and a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship.

We thank the Bayh College of Education at Indiana State University for sponsoring and hosting this live session, which is open to all. You can register here, and you will receive the Zoom link. Join us to celebrate and learn from an outstanding middle level teacher!


What started as a Twitter post of a teacher training event in Fauquier, VA has morphed into an activity used a multitude of ways around the world. You can read one of the original posts here, and even more ways to adapt it here. Now that students are able to interact a bit more with each other, it could be a fun way to review. (And you don't have to use eggs) Photo Credit "Plastic Eggs" by pirate johnny is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


Sandra Day O'Connor, first female Supreme Court Justice, had a goal to increase civics education. Students can choose from a variety of topics (such as a branch of the federal government, citizenship) and create a product to demonstrate their knowledge of civics in these different formats:

1. Video
2. Original Song (written lyrics or audio/video)
3. Storytelling* (via audio or video)
4. Poetry (written or via audio or video)
5. Written Essay (no more than 1,000 words)
6. Mixed Media Artwork (Poster, Painting or Sculpture)

Entries are now due April 15, 2022. Prizes include computers, and there are even prizes for participating teachers.


Newfields (formerly Indianapolis Museum of Art) is one of the collaborators for this new site, developed in partnership with teachers. This article in Edutopia gives some great examples of ways to use the site.

Ukraine Resources

We have featured some resources dealing with the invasion of Ukraine in past editions of the Monday Minute. Here is a curated list from School Library Journal that includes web resources, periodicals, and books. Some deal specifically with the current situation and some deal with addressing difficult topics.



Do you have students who enjoy sharing their writing and experiences? Scholastic editors annually select Kid Reporters based on writing ability, interviewing skills, and attention to detail. Students must be between the ages of 10–14 (born on or between September 1, 2008 and August 31, 2012) The new Kid Reporter team will be announced in the fall. Last year there were 36 chosen. You could also use some of the articles from the site.

The application information can be found here. Deadline is June 1.

What the Research Says about the Academic Power of Friendship

Now that social distancing has been decreased, what have you noticed about interactions among students? It may not have been an easy transition to work more closely together again. This article has some examples of the power of friendships. Just as the importance of students having a positive relationship with even just one adult has been documented, student friendships can be crucial too. Photo credit: "My Happy Friends except One" by Uray_Zulfikar is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Schools to Watch School Improvement Program

IMLEA is the Indiana administrator for the national Middle Grades Forum Schools to Watch Program. Schools that have completed the process have told us that in addition to the self-study, school visits, and involvement of the entire staff, the long-lasting positive effects include valuable networking with others. We will be holding an in-person training in June for schools that would like to apply, and for individuals who would like to be evaluators. The program itself is free; schools that earn designation are invited to a national conference the following June. Schools of any size are welcome to apply, and DOE has approved us as a TAP for CSI and TSI schools.

We have additional information on our website.

Learning Opportunities (Times EDT) Free unless noted.

April 4-8: Horace Mann Draws Donors Choose Winners (Enter Now!)

April 7: Virtual Voyagers: Exploring Strategies & Resources for Meaningful Online Learning, 10 am (recording available in IN Learning Lab later)

April 8: Leslie Fisher Webinar-Screencast-O-Matic and Screen Pal, 7 pm

April 11: IMLEA Webinar with Sharita Ware, Indiana TOY, 7 pm

April 12: edWeb: Habits that Prepare Middle Schoolers for High School Literacy Success, 3 pm

April 13: Leslie Fisher Webinar-Hybrid Learning with Kahoot, 1 pm

April 15: Deadline to Apply for IDOE's Next Generation SIG (for CSI & TSI Schools)

April 15: Deadline to Apply to Present at #AMLE22 (which is November 3-5 in Orlando)

*April 15: Deadline for Students to Enter the #OConnorCivicsChallenge

April 16: Strobel Summit, 10 am-3:45 pm (free replay for 15 days)

April 18: What Does the Science of Reading Say? Vocabulary Development and Comprehension in Grades 3-8, 4 pm

April 19: "Closing the Implementation Gap" with Douglas Reeves, 3 pm

April 21: IDOE Alternative Education Programs for Virtual & Blended Learning, 1 pm

*April 23: Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics State Contest (10 Local Host Sites)

May 1: Nomination Deadline for the Colts Classroom Quarterbacks Award

*June 1: Student Applications Due for Scholastic Kids Press

June 1-August 5: Summer of Learning Events Across the State

June 9: Keep Indiana Learning 2022 Reading Summit ($100; some free videos available now)

June 14-15: Keep Indiana Learning #VirtuallyDifferent2022 Conference ($25); You can also apply to present!

*involves students


Keep Indiana Learning Calendar (many free) On-Demand Recordings Webinars (if sponsored, "commercials" are at the end)

PATINS Trainings for Accessibility for All

Teachers First/OK2Ask Spring Virtual Workshops

AMLE Podcast Series

AMLE Events (some free, some paid)

IN LearningPartnership (Includes Wednesday PD with IDOE)

Corwin Webinars

Please note: Webinars and events mentioned in this space are not an endorsement of commercial products; on the contrary, we try to avoid listing events that appear to be commercial in nature. Every effort is made to strip social media/tracking data from provided URLs. In many cases, you can register and receive a recording later.


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Big picture

To support you, your teachers, and your students, long-time corporate supporter, Horace Mann, is funding at least $10,000 in DonorsChoose projects! Please share this with your teachers and encourage them to enter for a chance to win!

Here’s how they do it.

1. Enter their DonorsChoose project at /giveaways now through April 8.

2. During the week of April 4 - 8, Horace Mann will draw winners and fund at least $2,000 in DonorsChoose projects each day.

To learn more about DonorsChoose or if your teachers need help setting up a DonorsChoose project, click here or contact your local Horace Mann representative.

IMLEA thanks Horace Mann, one of our chief sponsors and supporters of educators!