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March 28, 2016

Please return your child's signed report card envelope Monday. The contents of the envelope are yours to keep.

The order form for the Fifth Grade Celebration T-shirt is in today's Friday Folder. The cost of the shirt is $6.50. The firm deadline to order is April 27th. Historically, all students in my homeroom have a t-shirt. If you would like to donate an extra $6.50 to help another child, I am certain they would be appreciative! Please note that the Youth sizes are extremely small (think 1st grader). The YXL will only work for our smallest fifth graders. More information about this celebration will be included in the newsletter after Spring Break.

The students will shop at the Book Fair Tuesday, March 29th. Any shopping Wednesday or Thursday will need to take place during our recess time.

With warmer temperatures, please make sure that your child is following the Jackson dress code. Thank you in advance!

The Drama Club will performance will be Thursday, March 31st at 6:30. Please plan on attending!

Please remember that we will not be in school Friday, April 1st. This is not an April Fool's joke!

Curriculum Update

Reading- The students will be completing a summative assessment using paired passages within a social studies context. This assessment will be given Monday. The students will be performing their group created plays Wednesday and Thursday. Individual conferences to discuss the students' performance on the recent Georgia Milestones practice test will continue. A heavy emphasis on writing stamina as well as using compound/complex sentences in responses to reading questions will be our focus.

Writing- In conjunction with the reading summative assessment, the students will also complete a non-fiction response on the assessed reading topic. This assessment will count as a daily grade.

Word study- The next root is "phobia." The DG will be given Thursday, March 31st. The words are posted on Quizlet.

FrontRow Reading and Writing will be due Thursday of next week. Quality work is expected. Since this is a standing assignment, students who are absent are still required to complete this work.

Math- In math next week, we will continue with a whole number review, measurement review and a review of order of operations. This is the first of three review units this nine weeks. There is a daily grade to reassess skills on Thursday.

Dr. Shaw would like to pass on another reminder that sixth grade math content is available on my eClass page and that all of my homeroom students and Mrs. Blankenship's students have access to this content. If you want to get a head start on the sixth grade math content, downloading these PDFs and working through them is a great idea. Send them in to Dr. Shaw and she will check the work and provided additional support for your child.

Social Studies- The study guide for chapter nine is due on Monday, the 28th. The students have had the study guide since the 22nd. The test is on Tuesday the 29th. We will begin chapter 10 on Wednesday. This chapter covers the Civil Rights Movement, Space Race, and the Vietnam Conflict.

Science- In science next week, we will begin our exploration of current electricity, learning about the parts of a circuit and the different types of circuits. There are no graded assignments next week, but there will be one the week we return from the break.

From Ms. Moody...

The packet for your recorder songs is on my eClass page under the Content tab, as well as all the mp3 backtracks for the songs.
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I will read aloud your well wishes Monday in class!