KyAEA North

Updates and more!

Hello you beautiful artsy folks!

I hope that this bulletin finds you all well, and having a wonderful beginning to the school year. Can you believe that it's almost October??? And of course, that means IT'S CONFERENCE TIME!!! WooHoo!

As most of you know, each year the regions compile a basket for the conference silent auction. The Northern Region has historically created baskets that have brought in a lot of moola ($$$) for the Alan Perkins Scholarship. Sooooooooo..... that means we need to make a really awesome basket! Our theme is "Northern Kentucky Awesomeness," basically, any and everything that makes our region the (best) region that we all know and love.

We will be getting together to network/plan for the year on Monday, September 29th at Pasquale's*** (Please note, this was changed because I'm just silly and didn't realize that the earlier venue is closed on Monday's) in good old Bellevue, KY at 5:00 pm - 7:00pm. And if you can't make it, just talk to me and we will figure something out.

And now, on to workshops... Please let me know what you would like to see this year. Is there an art form that you would like to learn? Or a topic? Or would you love to show off your space by hosting? Just let me know, and I will work on making your wildest art dreams come true.