Kids Reported Missing on Halloween

A Horrific Halloween

November 1, 2020

Yesterday evening at precisely 9:00 PM, witnesses reported something horrific happening. Thousands of innocent trick or treaters were transformed into exactly what they dressed as. Parents screamed in terror, there wasn't one that didn't appear to be panicked or concerened. One innocent mother tells me,"I was at home passing out candy, waiting for my son to return. I walked outside to greet the trick or treaters and my eyes literally bulged out of their sockets. I had expected a superhero or a fairy, some sort of typical Halloween costume, however, what greeted the eye was much more. There before me stood a variety of realistic ghosts, vampires, and goblins. Right away, I knew they were real, although, just to confirm it wasn't a trick I peered behind the ghostly creatures, but once again saw hundreds of spooky monsters. I did not know what to do..."

What is the method to the madness?

According to an astronomer from Harvard university, the phenomenon is linked to the moon. Approximately every 2020 years a purple moon takes place. A Purple moon's appearance has to occur in certain conditions. These conditions include having an eclipse taking place which makes the moon look red, and toxic levels of pollution which combine with the eclipse to create an ultra-violet ray that gives the moon its purple glow. Unfortunately, scientists have not come up with a way to prevent this from happening again, so the next purple moon will happen on October 31, 4040. The children will come out looking for candy, but instead they will receive a Halloween costume that can't be taken off.

Purple Moon Predictions