Tristan - Mars


Symbol of Mars

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How Mars got its name

Mars was named after Mars the roman god of war and agriuature

How Mars was discovered

No one knows how mars was discoverd because it was so long ago

What Mars looks like

Mars looks like a big ball of red rock with normal rocks on there to

Distances of Mars

Order from the Sun:4th planet from the sun

Distance from the sun in AU:1.25

in km:18,024 km

Distance from the Earth in AU:1.52

in km:228 million km

Orbit and Rotation of Mars

Number of days to orbit around the sun:686.98 days

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):24 hours

Water forms on Mars

On mars there are forms of ice because scientest say that ther used to be water on mars

Weather on Mars

Weather on mars is too hot to live on.If you try to cook bacan on mars in about two miniutes it will burn into a crisp.So thats how hot mars is

Rings and Satellites on Mars

Mars has no rings

Mars has 2 moons :Demios and phobos

Exploration to Mars

Nasa had satellites fly around mars to see if there was life or any forms of water on mars

Human colony on mars

No because it is way to hot , there is no water and if they brought water bottles mars is so hot the water will evaporate

Picture of Mars

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Atmosphere and Temperature of Mars

The atmosphere is filled with nitrogen,oxygen,argen

and temperature on mars in F and C :125 F and 87 C