Calling All Cardinals

By Bri Clarke

The Election of the New Pope

Our Pope has either resigned or passed away and we need to come together to elect the new pope.

We need cardinals to help elect the new pope.

-you must be under the age of 80

- the names of 9 voting cardinals are chosen at random

The Rules the Chosen Cardinals Have to Abide by:

-you have to swear on an oath of absolute secrecy

~failure to comply results in excommunication

- the cardinals are not permitted any contact with the outside world

~ no cellphones

~ no newspapers

~ no television

~ no messages

~ no letters

~ no signals to the outside world

- the chapel is swept for listening devices before and during the conclave ( the meeting of the cardinals in the Sistine Chapel)

-observers can see the cardinals only when

~ they walk or are driven between the hostel/ chapel

Conclave~ The Gathering of Cardinals

Thursday, March 5th, 6am to Tuesday, March 10th, 6am

Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

The conclave will meet at the sistine chapel. We are gathering here because it is the church of the Pope and it was introduced by the Pope.

Voting Process

1. 4 to six days after the pope dies there is a mourning process of 9 days.

2. The body of the pope will lie in state for 3 days in St Peters Basilica, there is then a funeral and the body is entombed in the basilica

3. As soon as the word goes out the cardinals begin to gather in Rome

4. 3 or 4 days after the word has gone out the cardinals gather in something called the general congregation. They have meetings every day

5. This is where they handle what time the conclave will be begin and when it will be begin

6. The cardinals will meet informally to discuss which cardinals could be eligible to become pope

7. Cardinals will give interviews to the Pope during this period

8. The morning the conclave is meant to begin they have a mass in St Peters Basilica this is the last public event before the election

9. That afternoon the cardinals will gather in the Pauline chapel they sing hymns and say prayers before they are moved to the Sistine Chapel

10. Once inside the cardinals will swear on an oath. This is a signal that the conclave is going to begin

11. There will be one ballot in the afternoon, then two in the morning and two in the afternoon of the following day until one candidate has 2/3 of the votes

12. If the balloting is inconclusive after three days there will be a break for a day. After seven ballots if there is still no pope they pause for prayer this continues until they start to short list the candidates down to the two with the most votes and majority votes wins the election

The protocol the pope has to follow to accept his role:

13. When a candidate is elected either 2/3 or in the manners listed above the cardinals will ask " Do you accept your canonical election as Supreme Pontiff?" The candidate responds "I accept" and then he is pope.

14. The senior cardinal will announce to the world that a new pope has been selected. He stands on the Balcony of St Peters Basilica and says "Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum! ( I have news of great joy) Habemus papam (we have a pope) Eminentissimum ac Reverendissimum Dominum Cardinalem Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae (the most eminent and reverend Lord Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church)qui sibi nomen imposuit ( He has take upon himself the name and then the name of the new pope)

15. The pope will be led down the hall of blessings. He will step out onto the balcony and say his first blessing as pope

16. After the blessing the pope will return to the conclave for a meal with the cardinals

17. A few days later the pope will say his first mass

The Pope changes his name because in the history of the Church Jesus and God changed the names of the disciples they assigned missions to. Early in the days of the church some of the people that went for pope were converts from other religions e.g. pagan and they had names of Pagan Godsso they changed there names to be more Catholic Appropriate names. e.g the Pope in AD 533 was called Mercurius and that was a pagan roman god of mercury so he had to change his name


Once the Pope is elected the chimney of the Sistine Chapel will release white smoke and the sound of the bells will chime through St Peters Square. If after the first day no pope has been elected black smoke will be released through the chimney on the Sistine Chapel

People Eligible to Apply for Pope

1. You have to be catholic

2. You have to male

3. You have to be a priest

4. You have to be a bishop

5. You have to be a cardinal

6. You have to be part of the college of cardinals (115 cardinals)

To apply for Pope you have to follow this guidelines.

White smoke signals election of new pope
Black smoke shows no pope on first vote