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One Foot In The Grave

Headaches.Tempature.Death.Its a infectious illness that could send you to the grave.Typhus.Typhus is an infectious illness where fever tempatures increase and where rashes are common.Typhus has symptoms that aren't pleasant but dont fear!There are ways to prevent it.
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Typhus Symptoms

Typhus is an infectious disease that enters the body with an onset headache,chills,fever,and general pains.When the body is too hot,it causes fever,when the body is too chill, there is a higher chance of death and the flea or lice crawls into other body hosts.In about ten days of the infection in your body,he/she experiences headache:loss of appetite:rise in temperature.If the disease is not treated,circulation becomes sluggish and lazy,red spots of gangrene appears on fingers,nose,and ears.People usually know when they are infected by itching an unknown rash of the feces louse bite and feces(which are then rubbed into the abrasion).
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How Do I Prevent It And Cure It?

Wash Those Hands!

Typhus is a deadly disease that may cause death,but do not fear!There are ways to prevent this unsatisfying infection from getting into your body.Epidemic typhus is one of the greatest disease in the human history.First of all,typhus is spread by lice,fleas,louse bites,and fecal droppings of rodent.The CDC says that taking antibiotics to prevent the disease will not help from actually PREVENTING it.Instead it will do more harm than it should.
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How Do I Really Prevent And Cure This

To really prevent this disease follow these steps.If you do have typhus,try avoiding any physical contact with infested clothes for at least 5 days.Lice and fleas cannot go longer than 5 days without any blood vessel.Blood vessels are what the bugs feed on.This way you can see a doctor and keep clean.Researchers say that good sanitation and reducing rats,mice,and other animals may carry bacteria and vectors.
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Time To Say Goodbye!

Scared?Don't be!Typhus is rare around the world and you have a 75% chance of catching it especially if the typhus patients are under vaccine.Keep clean!Dont catch the disease!


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