The Carleton Chronicle

A weekly update from Carleton Middle School.

Title 1 Information

Carleton Middle School is a Targeted Assistance Title 1 building. What exactly does this mean? Title 1 is a supplemental program from the federal government that provides funds to our school to help students achieve high academic standards. It also means we are able to provide our students with specific classes, learning opportunities, and access to resources that would not normally be available with only using state funding. It also means the staff at Carleton constantly evaluates the needs of our students and establishes rigorous goals in the areas of reading, writing, math, science, and social studies in order to benefit our students. The funds from the federal government help to establish and implement research-based programs to help our at-risk youth and to work with all stakeholders (teachers, parents, and community members). Some of the programs in place assist with Math Intervention Support, Reading Intervention Support, and our 6th Grade Colt Camp which occurred for the first time last August.

Parent Notification

Under federal law, you as parents may request the following specific information about the professional qualifications of our children's teachers:

1) Whether the teacher has met the state qualifications/licensing for their grade level/subjects.

2) Whether the teacher is on a temporary permit or waiver.

3) The teacher's majors, graduate certificates/degrees, and discipline fields.

4) Paraprofessional services and qualifications.

All teachers at Carleton Middle School are highly qualified in the subject area(s) they are teaching. For further information please call (586) 825-2590.

High School counselors to visit Carleton

Counselors from Cousino, Mott, and Sterling Heights High School will be here to speak with our 8th graders next week on Thursday during 1st hour. It's always important for students to be at Carleton, but for 8th graders, next Thursday is particularly important. They will be learning about transitioning to the high school, course availability, and graduation requirements. Please make sure to follow up with your 8th grader after Thursday and ask them about their day. This is an exciting and anxious time for our 8th graders...I wish them nothing but luck at Sterling Heights, Cousino, or Warren Mott next year.

Clark's Corner

First I would like to thank the many of you who are pulling up and letting their students out near the back of the building. Mr. Kausch and I have noticed a continued improvement in our morning drop off. We appreciate your patience, tolerance, and attention to detail as we bring 700 students through our doors every morning. Thank you.

The next area we will be working on is encouraging our students to attend lunch on time. Please encourage your son/daughter to make sure they are getting to lunch in a timely manner. This helps us eliminate distractions for classes that are in session and ensure the safety of all students.

Events for Your Calendar

February 2 - High School Counselors here to meet with 8th graders

February 6 - Booster Club Meeting - 6pm, Media Center

February 8 - Student Count Day

February 9 - Vision Screening Begins

February 10 - JET Theatre visits Carleton (anti-bullying presentation)

February 16 - Extravaganza 3-4:30pm

February 17 - Half Day for students (Dismissal at 11am)

February 20-24 Mid-Winter Break (No school for students)