Alyssa Ortiz

Always The Great

My Life...

Hobbies: Running is a hobbbie of mine. I run Cross Country and Track. I like to onlie shop and be very active.

Family: I have two brothers and two sisters; one of my sisters go here and we are both seniors. I live with my mom and have three turtles.

My Future: What I want to do in the future is or when I graduate is join the Army and be in the active duty and travel. Also, I want to adopt 10 kids.

Summer: I did off-season for cross country till I got a job at Mc Donalds. Then I just worked all summer and slept.

Active: I currently run Cross Cuntry and then I will run Track and Feild.

Summary: I was born in SoCal but not the nnice part, however, I've lived in Cali my whole life but then I moved to Missouri year and a half ago at the end of my sophomore year and now I'm a SENIOR.