solar power By: Nicky and Armaan

SOLAR POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The definition of solar power

Solar power is when we use the sun's sunlight or energy to make electricity by using solar panels and it's used for heat,electricity and ect.

what are solar panels

Solar panels are panels that convert the sun's energy then the solar cells turn the sun's energy into electricity that can be use for lighting , heat , ect..
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What are solar cells?

solar cells are pieces from the solar panels.That are made out of glass.When there all get together they create a solar panel

Is solar power renewable or non renwable ???????????.

Solar power is a renewable sorce because the sun will not go away. And The sun is aways in it's place. Also the sun can not run out of energy.

The Pros

Pros The sun never goes away

Safe for environment

It's clean energy

The cons

Cons can't get energy if cloudy out side

Cost some $$$$$ cash

some energy storage stuff such as batteries cost a lot of $$$$ because of the expensive technologie .

interesting Fact about solar power

Did you know that solar power means harness the sun's energy

How many people use solar power

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Where we can use this energy

We can use solar power any where it's sunny but you need a solar panel and where the sun is shining!

The process of solar power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When it comes to solar power the process is that first when you got your solar panel ready and pointed direct at the sun then the solar panel converts the sun's energy then turns the energy Into electricity then takes that electricity to the converter then the converter turns the AC power into DC power that we use at home. Then the wire for the DC powers goes to the power box that is right beside your home that produces electricity and power in your house.
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This is not the end....
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