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Energy and Resources Unit

The TEKS for this unit are 6.8A, 6.9C, 6.9A, 6.9B, 6.7A. and 6.7B.

TEKS 6.7A and 6.7B ask students to research and debate the advantages and disadvantages of renewable and nonrenewable resources and to design a logical plan to manage energy resources.

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Below you will find a sampling of what is available on the Energy and Resources Digital Resources Site.


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Introduction to Energy

Students record the amount of potential and kinetic energy as a monkey swings back and forth in the trees. They then change the height and the mass to observe how potential and kinetic energy changes. From their data students are able to see that energy is not created nor destroyed by transforms. TEKS 6.8A, 6.9C

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Where Energy Comes From (3:52)

Explains how energy is taken from its original source as fossil fuels and is delivered to homes for our use. Also explains how this energy is transformed in hydro plants and turbines. TEKS 6.7A, 6.7B
Where energy comes from
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Learning Objects

Energy and Motion

Provides a step by step explanation of how potential energy is converted to kinetic energy on a roller coaster. Then students have to opportunity to change the height of the hills and the loop to see how that will affect the energy transformations. TEKS 6.8A

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Energy Transfer and Storage

Basic background information about several different aspects of energy. Includes an interactive activity and a test. TEKS 6.9A, 6.9B, 6.7A, 6.7B

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Web-based Tools

Power Up!

Students must build the correct combination of powerplants to bring the city up to full power. Their decisions about based upon available funds and the impact on the environment. TEKS 6.7A, 6.7B
Requires Shockwave Flash - not Chromebook or iPad friendly.
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Forms of Energy HD

Broken down into 3 sections: Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy, and Energy Transformation. Within each section students are able to choose their learning style: read and learn, touch and learn, see and learn, watch and learn, and quiz and learn. TEKS 6.8A, 6.8B

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