"May 2014-2015 School Year"

"This year I really enjoyed science"

A year full of changes

The changes that happened this year were friends, interests, and how I spend my free time. This year I made new friends and that was a big change for me because I was also very close with my old friends. I also changed my interests, for example lats year I didn't like history and math all that much but this year I started to enjoy and become very interested in these two subjects. My last change is what I do in my free time which has changed since last year because I didn't do competitive soccer last year so now in my free times I play soccer and go to many tournaments.
FIFA World Cup 2014 - Best Moments & Highlights (HD)


In conclusion, these changes affected my life because they were huge steps into going into the future and growing up. I do wish that I did English differently because I didn't participated a lot in English because that's the subject that is hardest for me. I'm very stoked about summer because I'm going to spend it with my friend in LA on the beach.