Racism Against Asians

We were all humans until race disconnected us... -Bansky

Racism Against Asians

In 1895,In British Columbia the Canadian government denied the Japanese and their Canadian descendants the right to vote.

For that reason the couldn't participate in Federal election and Municipal elections. Or become lawyers, architects, pharmacists or hold public offices because they were only open for people on the voting list.

They were treated like this because they were thought as threat to the province goodness system (their skin color wasn't the same as the other and they thought it will ruin their skin color reputation.) Also Asians were always being targeted because they was a lot of them.Asians were thought as threat they were called “purity.(whiteness).”

Why was "there racism against Asians?

There was racism against Asians because they were called dirty compared to the other skin colored there was. Also because they're skin tone were neither white nor black.Asians were also too respectful to talk back and to respectful too fight back(25% of Asians has been harassed and only 11% reported it.)Furthermore,the white community only wanted white people not any other skin colored.They were silent,weak and powerless.

Where were they sent?

The Asians were sent to be a servant at houses per a year and they were sent to 400

farms to prepare the land for crops because all the other jobs were for people on the voting list.

Who was involved in this Crisis

The Canadian government sent the minister of laborer (Rodolphe Lemieux) to talk with the Japanese government and the outcome from it was was limited migration and Asians sent too 400 farms and sent to be servants per a year.

Anti-Asians were involved in it too because they went through Vancouver's Chinatown and to close Japanese area breaking Japanese windows and shop making $1000 dollar damage.

Why they were treated like this?

They were treated like this because they thought permanent settlements is unwelcoming and unrelated in the country and because they thought that Asians were ruining their skin reputation because the skin color isn't white or black.

When did they get their right to vote

In 1948/1949 after 4 years when the World War 2 was over.They fought for their rights and protested and soon they weren’t the only one fighting.They got the right to vote because of the pressure, the Canadian government was forced to give Canadian born Asians,Canadian citizenship and the right to vote and over the years all the Asians got the right to vote.


For more than 200 years Asians were denied the right to vote.If a white woman married a Asians they will lose their Canadian citizenship.They weren't treated equally Vincent Chins was murdered by 2 white men when they were depressed because they thought they were going to lose their job.One night when they were at a store they cornered Vincent and beat him to death with a baseball bat. When Vincent's family went for justice they were told that he was killed accidentally. Vincent's family and other Asian went for Vincent's right,but didn't win the trial.The two white men who killed Vincent were suppose to go to jail for 25 years but got away with a fine of $3 700.

By:Arthika N.