28 October 2021

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Dear Parents and Staff

Next Monday we have a whole school Mass in the Church to celebrate the lives of those who have been acknowledged as Saints by the Catholic Church. The process for the decree of sainthood upon a particular person is complex, long and arduous. It is far too detailed for me to outline here but I have found it interesting to follow the process. A significant aspect of this journey to sainthood is that two miracles, events that cannot be explained by reason or natural causes, must be attributed to the candidate. After the first miracle is recognised, the candidate is referred to as Blessed. This is the status of both of the Foundresses of our school Charism Orders, Blessed Catherine McAuley and Blessed Nano Nagle. There are many throughout the world who are searching for evidence of a second miracle for each of the exceptional ladies and we continue to pray that they will soon be successful.


At around this time each year the staff commence working upon the placement of the children within their class groups for the following year. This can be a complex process taking many hours of deliberation and discussion in an attempt to place children where it is believed they will be most likely to thrive both academically and emotionally. There are a number of considerations which teachers take into account such as:

  • Academic ability
  • Friendships
  • Gender balance
  • Behaviour
  • Relationship with the Teacher

Please be assured that the teachers’ only motivation for the placement of the children in a particular class is that it is in their best interest based upon the performance and behaviours that are observed in the school setting. On occasions, parents make requests with regard to these placements and, whilst they will be considered, they may not always be adhered to. All of our teachers are very professional, and I ask that you trust their judgement with regard to class placements for 2022.

I must say that I look back more fondly upon my time as a Teacher and Principal in much smaller schools where this issue didn’t exist as all children went to the next class together with whichever teacher was appointed to teach them.


I was disappointed that I was only able to attend the Interschool Field and Track Carnival for a very short time during this week. From all reports our children performed at their best and were a credit to our school. I will leave the results and information about individual performances for Mr Webb to report on in his article in today’s newsletter.


Next Tuesday afternoon we invite parents along to our school with their children to see the wonderful work that they have been doing throughout the year. Our Choir will be performing the songs that they sang at this year’s Festival of Performing Arts at 3.45pm and the children’s Artwork from Terms 2 & 3 will be on display in the Mother Mary Piazza and the Library throughout the afternoon.


In recognition of this worldwide movement Teachers will find time next Thursday to conduct some aspect of their day outside of the regular classroom. I look forward to seeing the innovative ways in which staff enhance the children’s learning in the great outdoors.


Tomorrow, Friday 29 October, has been deemed World Teachers’ Day. We at Notre Dame think it is limiting to only include those who bear the title “teacher” in this recognition, as all of us who work in our school play an important role in the development and wellbeing of our students. No matter what role a person plays in a school, they are crucial to the teaching of a child. I thank all of our staff for the hard work they put in daily, I’m sure it is greatly appreciated by all.

In recognition of our staff and their wonderful efforts the Leadership Team will be providing both morning tea and lunch for all to share tomorrow.

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Bible Studies

Each Tuesday evening commencing at 6.00 pm in the Parish Centre.

Planned Giving Envelopes 2021 – 2022 Financial Year

The envelopes are available from the School side entrance of the Church. Please take the same number as last year and tick your name off. If you are taking a set for the first time, please write your name and contact details next to the number that you are taking. Direct Debit forms are also available. For further information, please contact the Parish Office on 9277 4094. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Parish.

Offertory and Collections

During the past four weeks, the Church has re-introduced the Offertory procession as part of Mass. In addition, the collection baskets are now being passed around the pews.

Project Compassion

Caritas Australia would like to sincerely thank all who have supported the Project in 2021. The following amounts have been raised:

· Nationwide - $10.8 million

· Archdiocese of Perth - $1.06 million

· Notre Dame Parish - $8 045.30

Filipino Mass

The monthly Mass will occur on Sunday 31 October 2021, commencing at 3.00 pm in the Notre Dame Catholic Church. Mass will be followed by fellowship in the Parish Centre.

Melbourne Cup Luncheon

The Parish will hold its annual Melbourne Cup Luncheon on 2 November 2021 in the Parish Centre. Doors will open at 10.00 am and tickets are $10.00 per person and available at the door. Sweeps and raffles will be available. Please bring a plate of savoury or sweet to share. Tea and coffee available.

November Memorial Masses

Masses will be celebrated on the weekend 6 and 7 November 2021 for all those who passed away in the previous 12 months (November 2020 – November 2021). Lists will be placed at both entrances of the Church to record deceased relatives. For further information, please contact the Parish Office on 9277 4094.

The Record Magazine – Issue 33 October 2021

Articles in this month’s Magazine include:

· Why a Plenary Council ?

· Plenary Council: Spiritual Conversations

· Modern Slavery Statement Launch

· Youngest Plenary Council member

Dr George Sekulla JP


Notre Dame Parish Council



Term 4

As the year begins to wind down, it is hard to believe that we have already arrived in Term Four. How exciting! As the weather becomes warmer and the summer holidays draw nearer, you can sense that the excitement around the festive season is becoming more real! Our Year Fives have already been working very hard in the first three weeks and have begun their preparations for being new leaders in 2022.

Novel Study

This term in Year Five we are completing a novel study using the book The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. So far, we have enjoyed exploring the themes of friendship, justice and animal rights told from the perspective of Ivan, a silverback gorilla who lives in a shopping centre….did you know that it’s based on a true story? Here are some of our thoughts on the book so far:

  • “Once you start reading The One And Only Ivan you can’t get your head out of the book!” – Francheska
  • “It’s incredible to think that a gorilla was stuck in a cage in a mall for years” – Tiger
  • “It’s so interesting to think about how each character has their own thoughts about things even though most of the characters are animals” – Kate
  • “The book is surprising because you don’t usually think much about how animals are feeling and thinking. I can’t believe how this happened in real life!” – Caleb
  • “For me, it is mind blowing that a wild animal was treated as a human but still kept in a cage” – Angeli
  • “Parts of the book are funny, odd and interesting at the same time” – Annie and Chloe
  • “I’m enjoying it so far but parts of it are so sad” – Eli A
  • “Ivan has a really funny personality” – Jay
  • “It’s unlike any other book I’ve ever read” - Logan

We are looking forward to both classes coming together to watch The One and Only Ivan movie to celebrate the end of the year and all of our hard work!

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Young Leaders Program

During the first six weeks of this term, we are lucky enough to be working with Brother Stephen on the Young Leaders Program. This is to teach us how to be leaders to prepare us for the leadership roles and responsibilities we will undertake in Year Six. Some of the activities we have completed so far have helped us with socialising, public speaking, organising events and having the confidence to lead groups of people. We are looking forward to our Leadership Day in Week Seven!

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Swimming Lessons

Our Year Fives have just completed their swimming lessons, which were in week one and week two of this term. They all made good improvements within their levels and all tried very hard to complete and pass their respective stages. We hope that they are proud of their efforts!

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Mrs Jennings, Mrs Crabbe & Mr Seers


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Our School Book Fair opens on Monday 1st November to Wednesday 3rd November!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mornings: 8:15am – 8:45am - Afternoons: 3pm – 3:30pm

Tuesday – Book Fair will be open during our Open Night and Art Exhibition

Can’t make it to the Book Fair?

Student Wish List / Order request

For parents who are unable to attend, students can walk through the Book Fair and make a list of their preferred items. You can choose to order any or all items listed by completing the order and payment section of the form and returning it to the Library by Wednesday 3rd November.

Note: Sundry stationery items (rubbers, pens etc.) can’t be ordered via this form. They can only be selected and paid for in-person, in the library.

Back Orders

Items on back order will be received within 2 weeks of the completion of Book Fair. Back orders will be delivered to student classrooms.

Many thanks for your support and we will see you at the Fair!

Mrs Sarmardin

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Your Move - School Access Guide & Stencilling Project

Notre Dame CPS has been working in combination with the Department of Transport in providing families safe travel routes to walk or ride to school. This has now been sent out to families earlier this week outlining the safe travel routes to school and benefits for all families. You may have also seen some nice footprints and stop signs stencilled on footpaths around our school area. We implore more families to take a safe travel route to ease the congestion around our school area and to increase activity levels in our students. We will be doing some more promotional activities this term to help with this project so please keep a lookout for these through your class Seesaw and the school newsletter. I have posted an article on the School Access Guide, Stencilling Project and Walking School Bus on the Your Move website - please go and check it out :). We also have some exciting news to share with the school community regarding the Your Move program very soon. The School Access Guide has been included with this newsletter.

Many thanks to our Year 6M helpers who assisted with the stencilling project last term. This was guided by Jethro from WestCycles who volunteered his time to ensure students had a fun time completing the project.

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Interschool Athletics Carnivals (Field Events & Track/Team Games)

As has been the case with our Athletic Carnivals of late, the Monday and Tuesday Interschool carnivals this week were both good days for ducks. This didn’t stop our students putting in great efforts across the board. We had some good individual performances from our Year 4 and 5 students that put us in good position for the final track/team games carnival on Tuesday. Well done to all students who participated in the field events carnival on the Monday.

The Track/Team Games carnival was scheduled for nasty weather but this didn’t seem to deter our students. We started the day off with our Year 3 in their 200m race, which can seem like a very long way with smaller legs. Well done to our Year 3 students for putting in a good effort to start the day. We again had some very good performances by our Year 4 & 5 students who kept us in contention with some gut running. Our Year 6 tried their hardest and had some very tough competition, especially with triplets linked to the Lawrie family who always prove to be tough competitors. We were lucky enough to get through all events with Notre Dame eventually finishing in 6th position. This year proved to be a very tough competition with St Joseph's taking out, yet again, another Interschool Athletics Crown. Well done to all Notre Dame students for their great efforts across both days, as well as all the parents/guardians who came to support the students.

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Brett Webb

P.E & Year 6 Teacher


The canteen relies on the help of volunteers to ensure that it runs smoothly, so I would like to thank those parents who have given up their time to volunteer last term, your help is appreciated. If you would like to join our volunteer pool please come and see me in the canteen on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Even if you are only able to give half an hour of your time, every bit helps.

Hope to see you at the canteen soon.

Kayleen McLean

Canteen Co-ordinator

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Orders for uniform items are to be placed by emailing Mrs Danielle Lawrie ( The order form and price list are on the school website ( under "School Services."

Danielle Lawrie

Uniform Shop Coordinator


School Banking is held every Thursday from 8.00am in the library.

Barbara Jamieson

School Banking Coordinator



On Tuesday 23rd November 2021, Notre Dame Catholic Primary will have their Annual General Meeting (AGM). During the AGM, all P&F positions will become vacant and anyone from the school community is welcome to nominate for a committee position. If you are interested in a position on the committee or as a Class Representative, please complete the attached form and return it to the front office by Tuesday 16th November. Forms are also available at the front office. For further information about any of the P&F roles, please contact P&F President Nicole Beresford via email on

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FREE ySafe cyber safety parent presentation:

When: Monday 8th November

Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Where: Notre Dame Catholic Primary School

All parents will receive access to a number of helpful follow up resources after the session. The children will also be participating in a session during class time on the Monday, and the teachers after school.

If you’ve ever struggled with getting your kids off their games and into bed, worried about knowing what your child is accessing online, or felt concerned that your child was spending too much time in the digital world, this session is for you! ySafe's experts will cover key topics such as the social media platforms that kids are using and how to make them safer, research-based information on gaming & screen time, and step-by-step instructions on how to set up a cyber safe home.

Click here to register:

Colour Run Lapathon:

When: Friday 26th November

Time: 2:00-2:30pm

Where: Miles Park

Parent helpers will be needed to squirt the kids with colour and help them to count their laps. If you are able to help, please email P&F member Nicole Beresford on

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"It's really important that as a parent, that you encourage your child to use the correct anatomical name for their body parts..." Holly-Ann Martin of Safe4Kids shares more in her full video here:


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My kids suffer massively from overwhelm. Maybe it’s a family trait because I do too. I’ve discovered the incredible benefits of meditation, and now my feelings of overwhelm are less regular and much less severe.

I’ve tried to get my kids involved in meditation too but they’re all resistant. It’s the sitting still that bothers the younger ones, I think. My eldest daughter says she hates all the talk about spirit – I think she things I’m trying to indoctrinate her into a secret cult. Which I sort of am, but it’s an awesome one.

Getting aligned with your partner can be tough. But it can make family life easier. Here’s some ideas to parent on the same page.

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We hope you have a wonderful week!

The ParentTV Team


Keyed Up Music will be teaching guitar, drums and keyboard group lessons this term during school. Lessons start from $23.65 for a group of 2 or $34.10 for an individual lesson. If you are interested in your son/daughter learning an instrument, ring Savanna on 1300 366 243 or enrol at


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Mercedes College | A College for every girl in the heart of your city!

We have limited places available in all year groups for 2022. If you are considering enrolling your daughter at Mercedes College, please visit the Mercedes website at to request a prospectus, to enrol online or book a tour of our campus. Please contact our Enrolments Officer, Mrs Nicole Kirk on 9323 1323 if you require further information.


Cloverdale Dental Clinic is open from 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

We are a free service and cater for school age children/teens from Kindy & Pre-Primary from the year they turn 5 to the end of year 11 or their 17th Birthday, whichever occurs first.

We are a Bachelor of Oral Health Final year placement clinic during university semesters. An experienced tutor oversees all check-ups and procedures.

It is not compulsory to enrol with the School Dental Service, if your children are having regular dental check-ups and treatment with their private family dentist, please feel free to remain with them.

If your address has changed/changes, please call us, as we send appointments to your home address, we also require current mobile phone numbers to send out text message reminders.

If your child has a toothache, please phone us on 9479 7222 between 8am-4pm, if you have an emergency outside of work hours, please contact your family dentist or the Emergency Service on 1800 098 818.


Cloverdale Dental Therapy Centre Staff

180 Fisher St (Clinic access through Gate 5 off Hendra St)

Cloverdale 6105

Ph: 9479 7222


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