David Bruce


Brief intro to bruce

David Bruce was born to immigrant Scottish parents in Melbourne, Australia. He studied natural history and science at the University of Edinburgh until 1881. After Studying, he started working as a doctor, and later met Marry Elizabeth Steele, the woman who he later married. She also had a high interest in medicine and science, the fields where they spend their lives studying.

David Bruce's Discoveries

-David studied a disease in Malta that many English soldiers suffered from called Malta, Mediterranean, or undulating fever. Bruce diagnosed the problem as a "micrococcus" growing in the patients spleens.

-Bruce also studied a disease in Africa called nagana. He examined the blood of infected horses and discovered and single celled parasite living amongst blood cells. The disease was called Trypanosoma brucei (or T. brucei).


in this photo, you can clearly see the parasites living amongst the infected horse's blood cells, similar to what David Bruce would have seen when first examining the disease through his microscope.

Undulating Fever

Undulating Fever (Seen Below) is now most commonly received through the consumption of milk. Brucella bacteria
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Contribution to others

Collaborating and sharing ideas with Mary Bruce, Aldo Castellani, Joseph Everett Dutton, and many others. David Bruce also greatly contributed to the study of parasites as a whole with his examinations and findings of them.

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