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The Archives War

What caused it?

Mexican leaders were getting upset by Lamar's administration. They began to launch multiple raids into Texas. In the spring of 1842, General Rafael Vasquez led a Mexican force into Texas. The 700 soldiers attacked San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria. Vasquez however, soon returned to Mexico.

Sam Houston's Role

Many of the Texans were panicked when they heard Mexican troops were invading. Sam Houston called an emergency session of the Texas Congress. He feared that there was going to be an attack on the Austin, so he ordered that the government archives, or records, be removed from the capital. Texans living in Austin did not like this. They were suspecting this meant the capital would be moved back to the city of Houston.

Angelina Eberly Firing

Another Texan not in favor of this, Angelina Eberly, led a group of upset Texans in Austin. Officials were loading the documents onto wagons to be taken to Houston. As they were about to drive away, Angelina Eberly fired at them. The wagons were overtaken and the archives were returned to Austin. This short conflict is known as The Archives War.