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New locomotive travels faster than ever before!

"On this new train, the engineers have a lot of esteem"

Steam powered locomotives are the newest, and coolest, form of transportation! They are able to travel and new incredible speeds and get you were you need to go in just a few hours! Read below to find out where you can invest in this incredible invention.
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Why was it invented in the first place?

Travelling before the steam powered locomotive was time consuming and was nearly impossible for the average family. The locomotive was specifically designed so that nearly anybody could travel long distances in short amount of time and anybody could have the chance for new opportunities.

How might this affect the life around me?

The steam powered locomotive is a wonderful addition to society! You can now leave your small little family town and view the world! You can experience new jobs far away from where you reside and you can join a city which have many opportunities, and you can get there in no time. Also if you have intelligent children you can finally send them to the amazing schools that they belong in no matter the distance, and its only a short train drive to visit them too!

Disclaimer* "The Rocket" Inc. is not held responsible for any transportation companies that have gone bankrupt after the steam powered locomotive released.

How does it work?

Coal and water were used to create steam which powered the engine to travel at never before seen speeds!

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