Behavioral Adaptations/Migration

By:Miriam Larios

Birds Migration

Birds migrate to areas where there is good resources like food, habitat and leave the area where there isn't enough resources for them to survive. The two primary resources for birds to migrate are food and nesting. Birds migrate to improve their chances of survival. Birds have feathers coated in oil which is important for waterproofing, and snow proofing as well. Birds migrate more during the day.

Behavioral Adaptation/Competition

Competition-Lions vs Hyenas

Both hyenas and lions hunt in groups to take down their prey. A group of hyenas can often use teamwork to intimidate a lion away from its kill. Both lions and hyenas frequently steal from each other. Lions follow the calls to the source and chase the hyenas from their prey.
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Lions take over their prey.
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Lions are hunting/eating the dead animal in the water.
Lions attacked and killed an animal in the middle of land.
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