You Need A Prime Minister?

Here's One: Aarabi K

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Aarabi K

A bit about myself. My name is Aarabi and I am 29 years old. I studied Law & Commerce in Oxford University at the age of 19 & got a honorary degree. I was originally living in Australia but then I got a scholarship for Oxford University and moved to the United Kingdom. I worked my way up to this level and found the career I would enjoy and love to be.

I am a passionate and courageous woman who will fight for what's right!

I am a honest person who you can trust with anything.

All The Qualities You Need, I Have

This country needs a Prime Minister who can run this country fairly and well. I have the qualities for a Prime Minister like that. I am a responsible, courageous, fair & reliable person to run this country but that's not all. I can make your dreams come true. All of Australia's citizens are very important to me and your say is what counts. I believe that the citizens of Australia should have a say in what happens to their country! Australia is a democratic country and everyone has rights. I will also keep this running. Democracy should be something people should be able to have without someone in a higher authority to give it to them. It is not a visible thing, it is something you have to believe in. Everyone should be able to d that. I believe this to be true!

I have many qualities including respecting others, co-operating with people and being able to tolerate others. I will make sure Australia will become a better place whether it may be lowering the tax price or giving more funds to universities.

If I become Prime Minister, every culture will be accepted, every difference will not be frowned upon, every citizen will be educated well and most importantly everyone will be treated fairly. I promise that YOUR VOICE will be heard & YOUR VOICE will make a change.

Some things that I would do if i became Prime Minister:


  • Lower tax prices
  • Restrict smoking
  • Fund more money to the Local government for buildings and other things
  • Have more security in airports
  • Make sure no counterfeit money can be made

Australia will be a better place with me as the Australian prime Minister.

Now it's up to you. Believe that I can make your world a better place. Then I will make your world a better place.

Is this is your mind set?