Technology Dependency

Is there to much?

What is technological dependency?

Technological dependency is our cognitive state to rely on technology to solve most of our problems. It is the common state of mind to rely on said 'tech' when we run in to problems that we are either to lazy on our own to solve, or in which the problem can only be solved with some form of artificial, or technological help.

Is a dependency on technology a bad thing?

It depends. Many of our modern day inventions such as the smart phone or radio are luxuries, or things we do not need. However we have grown attached to them to the point of relying on them for basic entertained. While this may be a valid example of a non-needed technological dependence, there are many other things that we truly do need, to progress as a human race, and to save our own very lives.

Having a need for technology is not a bad thing!

Technology is the key to the future.

Today we rely on modern technology that can save lives. We use technology to find cures for diseases, help the ill, and communicate important information across the world. Many wars are won based on the information the front line has. Without the technology, such as the radio, those said front lines would never be able to receive information that could quite possibly save their lives. Those with cancer have a chance to survive nowadays because of the treatment options we have, thanks to the technology we have created in order to help diagnose and cure those afflicted.
Google X research lab creating pill to detect cancer and heart attacks

In conclusion.

Technology is not something we need to fear of becoming to close to, it is something we need to embrace! Saving lives of everyday people such as you and me, technology is definitely a friend, one we need to start embracing more often.