Anchor's Away in 5th Grade!

Ms. Strobl's 5th Grade

Week of January 23-27

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Upcoming Tests

Tuesday: Math

Wednesday: English

Friday: Reading


Donuts for Dads

Today was our Donuts for Dad get together. We had a great turn out and the kids had a great time. Thanks to all the dads that came to eat a donut with their student.

In the classroom...


The kids are really loving Greek Mythology. We are over half-way into The Lightning Thief and they can't get enough! I pulled out two very large books of Greek Myths and they have been eating them up! So wonderful to see kids excited about reading!

We are also studying Main Idea and Supporting Details. When you get a chance, ask your child about the main idea of their AR book is.

Language Arts

In English we will be testing on Prepositions this week and then we will be taking a little break from traditional grammar and do a unit on figurative language.

In Writing for the next few weeks, we are going to be looking at writing prompts I-STEP style. We will be going over what a student paper with a score of 6 looks like and so forth. Then we will do a few practice prompts before I-STEP hits us in February.

The first of the new spelling tests was a little difficult last Friday. Remember to have you child study the vocabulary part and practice writing some sentences.


Students seemed to have a good understanding of percents, fractions, and decimals. We will test on that this week then move on to a difficult unit... converting metric and standard measurements. Please encourage your child to show their work on these problems. Simple mistakes are common in these units. Students can practice these topics on You do not need a membership for this. It will let you practice 20 questions a night without a membership.

Social Studies

We have finished our unit on Explorers and tested today. Our next unit is Colonial America. Students were assigned a Colonial job to research today. The rubric and qualifications on this project can be found on Canvas.

So you thought the map tests were over?!? Mwah...ha...ha... We have two more to go... The first is the 13 original colonies. That map will come home this week. They will be tested on it Thursday. I think it is important to know where the colonies are that we are talking about. Also they need to see how different they looked then as compared to the states now. The 2nd map test will be over major water ways and mountain ranges in the U.S. That will not be for a couple of weeks though.

Science & Health

In Science, we are still working on our unit on the Solar System. We will be looking at all 8 planets, as well as the moon, and other objects. Your child has been assigned a project for this unit. You can find the details and a rubric in Canvas. Ask your child how to get to it. These are due February 17.
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Student Council

Student Council has decided to do a food drive for the Scott County Clearinghouse. Be looking for a flyer soon with more information. I love that the kids want to do something to help the community.


The robotics team will be competing Saturday in the state qualifier. Wish us luck as these kids try to make it to state. They have worked really hard.

Drama Club

Rehearsals are going great! Please start looking and bringing in your costumes. Crayons, you need pants (sweat pants or leggings) and a t-shirt the color of your character. Make sure you have your parts memorized by next week's rehearsal.

Chess Club

Chess Club seems to be a revolving door! :) If your child didn't get drawn from the lottery to be in chess club, be patient. Eventually they will make it in. :)

Math Bowl

Math Bowl has their first competition this Wednesday at Lanesville Elementary. This is an invitational, but will help get the nerves and jitters out before the actual competition in February. Wish them luck!


Parents, if you have not signed up for Pinwheel, I encourage you to do so. This website will help you keep informed of activities, tests, projects, etc... that your child is involved in or has coming up. You can create an account and sign up for the groups that your kids are in. If your child does not participate in any extracurricular activities, it can still be beneficial to you. The school calendar is attached to Pinwheel. I will also be adding tests, projects, and other 5th grade dates on Pinwheel. It's really simple to do!

"In an effort to improve communication between Johnson Elementary and our school community, we are now using Pinwheel. We are sure you will appreciate the convenience of a single source for all the information you want to know in a simple, intuitive system. You will be able to stay on top of everything that your kids are up to, and can receive homework and test reminders …as well as club meetings, practices, and game updates. Information came home with your students to help you to create a Pinwheel account." --Mr. Routt