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This newsletter tries to provide you with resources, articles, tools, and information that may be new to you and hopefully will be useful for you and/or your students in the classroom. The resources are constantly changing, adapting, and improving so each newsletter will include various tools and information discovered through conferences, webinars, magazines, emails, blogs, and whatever else I can get my hands on! If you have any tools or resources that you feel may be beneficial to others please do not hesitate to share them with me so I can pass them along in one of these newsletters.

Here's What May be New to You!

Amazon Underground Apps

"Looking for some new apps, but don't want to pay for them? Amazon's new Android app, dubbed Underground, offers the same functionality as the regular Amazon mobile shopping app with one perk: free apps, games, and in-app items."


Easiest way to engage students with videos!

Hopscotch School Edition

Hopscotch is releasing a new School Edition that is for teachers and created by teachers! Hopscotch provides your students an avenue to begin practicing coding in the classroom. With simple to use features your students can quickly pick up the beginning stages of coding. Check it out via the link below!


Craft of Poetry Website

Although this site may not look appealing it is chalked full of great resources and information to help your students understand the various ways one can craft poetry. Types included: Blank verse, Couplet, Tercet, Quatrain, Sonnet, Villanelle, and Sestina. It also discusses the importance of style, repetition, form, imagery, as well as, line and meter.

Click here for the website.

Expeditions Pioneer Program (Google)

Expeditions teams will visit selected schools around the world; starting with the US. Each team will bring a complete Expeditions kit, help with setup before class, to take students on a journey There is no cost involved in the program.

littleBits Electronics - The Ultimate Invention Toolbox

"Whether you're an educator inspiring the next generation of problem-solvers or a parent building STEM/STEAM skills with your kids we'll help you unleash your creativity with our easy-to-use electronic building blocks."

Little-Bits: The Perfect Toy for Curious, Creative Kids!

Do your kids like to play with LEGOS? Do they enjoy building with blocks? Do they like the engagement of building things with their hands?

They may be interested in checking out littleBits. Makerspaces are becoming increasingly relevant to K-12 classrooms and libraries. They provide students an engaging way to interact with engineering, science, and research. It allows them to be in control of their learning and problem-solving. There are many great sites where you can find similar resources to get your own kids or your students involved in the Maker Movement!

Check out the full article here!

Polaroid Digital Camera Prints Without Ink!

"Bringing the vintage appeal of Polaroid's classic cameras into the 21st century, the Snap combines digital imaging with Zero Ink Printing technology to let you print physical photos without ink and save digital copies to share online."

Block Ads with Adblock Browser for iOS and Android

"Browse fast, safe and free of annoying ads with Adblock Browser for Android. "

Read more here.

Diigo Web 2.0 Tools Group

Join my Diigo group to gain access to all the 2.0 tools I have found, and bookmarked, over the last few years! A great way to keep up with what's new and what may be of interest to you.