Jackson Journal


Important Dates to Remember

Monday-Tuesday, October 9-10, Cookie dough pick-up, Jackson main office

Wednesday, October 11 - Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Monday-Friday, Fall Break - October 16-20

Wednesday, November 8

*System-wide career fair for all 4th graders

Counselor's Corner - Responding Versus Reacting

Have you ever struggled with saying the right thing at the right time to your child? Do your words sometimes reflect a negative reaction instead of an encouraging response? Consider the list below when communicating with your child.

Think about "Instead of saying..... Try......"

Instead of saying, "Stop crying," try "It's okay to feel.................."

Instead of saying, "Stop acting like a baby," try "That really set you back, didn't it?"

Instead of saying, "Don't talk to an adult like that," try "You're allowed to have a voice. Let's talk together."

Instead of saying, "It's not that difficult," try "I need to know how hard this is for you."

Instead of saying, "Act your age," try "This is too big to keep to yourself."

Instead of saying, "You need to take ownership," try "I'm sorry this is so hard."

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