Rosa Parks

By Rachel Nytsch

Why Rosa Parks is Famous

Rosa Parks is well-known because she sat on a bus and didn't get up when a white man impolitely asked her to move.

Three Important Facts about Rosa Parks

Her grandfather hated white people and " handed" down that attitude in her genes when she was born,which made her famous later on.When Rosa Parks was ten she had a attitude to protect herself and her younger brother, Sylvester. She also was sick of being pushed around by white people so she protected herself during ages 11- until she died.

Sylvester, Rosa Parks Brother

Rosa Parks was very protective of Sylvester so she got a attitude of being fair when protecting him. She would protect him from white kids bullying verbally and physically hurting him.


Frankiln is a boy who threatened to hit her with his fist. Rosa Parks then picked up a brick and threatened to hit him with it if he hit her with his fist. Which was the first time she fought for herself and rights.


On a bus Rosa Parks say for her rights and later inspired people to fight for rights. She was arrested for sitting on the bus for not getting up for the white man.

Five Interesting Facts

Fact #1

Rosa Parks has white ancestors and is considered white and African American.

Fact #2

Rosa Parks had chronic tonsillitis when she was a baby.

Fact #3

When Rosa Parks school needed a teacher her mother taught her through the ages of 9-11.

Fact #4

Rosa Parks was and is still fond of books and numbers at the age of 10- until she died.

Fact #5

Rosa Parks had her tonsils taken out when she was a teenager because it would get her sick a lot during school. So she got them taken out with her cousin for the price of one.

Life Lesson

Don't judge a person by the color of their skin.

"My Story" by Rosa Parks and Jim Haskins.